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With 5G approaching, mobile broadband applications, especially online video applications develops quickly, which brings huge challenges to operator network evolution. Therefore how to improve capacity with current limited spectrum resources to support high throughput applications becomes a vital task for operators. In addition, with the rapid urbanization development, insufficient signal coverage in high-rise buildings also becomes another common problem affecting network quality.

Magic Radio Pro, a New Chapter in Spectrum Utilization Improvement

ZTE proposes Magic Radio Pro solution to operators with more flexible spectrum scheduling capabilities in an innovative method, which can improve spectrum utilization in multi-mode network and differentiated scenarios, meanwhile it meets flexible scheduling demand of multi-service access and smooth evolution to 5G network. A new chapter on spectrum utilization improvement has been unveiled to reduce operators' CAPEX and OPEX.

Neat Cell, Inter-Cell Interference Cancellation Solution

While LTE sites are deployed denser and Ultra Dense Network (UDN) is coming, ZTE Neat Cell Solution can reduce inter-cell interference, reduce redundant CRS transmission, improve SINR and 256QAM availability, therefore increase cell and user throughput, provide better user experiences.


With speech technology fulfilled on LTE network, the success of VoLTE relies on enhancement of user experience, attracting more users and increasing users' loyalty.


LTE 6-sector solution extends single site sector number from three to six instead of adding sites to enlarge capacity and coverage, while conventional 3-sector fails to satisfy service requirement (capacity and coverage).

UMTS UL Capacity Inmprovement

How to boost uplink capacity has become a challenge and a big issue today for UMTS operators with the phenomenal soaring uplink traffic caused by MBB subscriber increase and individual and enterprise user behavior changes.

Cloud Radio Building Industry-Best 4G Networks

The CoMP Lite technology is used to lower the requirements for bandwidth and delay, and makes the advanced technologies available in popular PTN, IP-RAN, and microwave bearer networks, significantly reducing mobile operators' investment in 4G networks.

HSPA+ Solution

ZTE HSPA+ solution based on SDR technology supports higher service bandwidth, larger service capacity, and better user experience, which helps the operators launch HSPA+ service efficiently and flexibly.

LTE BeamHop AAS Solution

ZTE’s LTE BeamHop AAS is the leading commercial solution for active antennas. It integrates the LTE radio unit into the antenna. By coordinating the multichannel RF and antenna oscillator, AAS implements beamforming and RF signal receiving/transmitting.

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