• With complete decoupling of horizontal and vertical broadcast beams, SSB 1+X solution achieves 3D cooperative coverage in horizontal and vertical dimensions with the simplest beam design, greatly enhancing flexible on-demand vertical coverage capability. In high-value traffic areas, SSB 1+X solution improves 5G camping ratio, absorbs more 5G users and traffic, and reduces resource occupancy due to the reduction of beams, thus increasing downlink drive test data rate. SSB 1+X is combined with symbol shutdown strategy to further save energy for base stations. The intelligent network planning and optimization tool that supports the 1+X solution greatly reduces daily network planning and optimization cost of the operator.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    5G coverage scenarios and traffic distribution are complex and changeable, and vertical coverage of high-rise buildings has become a bottleneck. In the early stage of 5G, operators pay more attention to horizontal coverage. Horizontal multi-beams planning and configuration brings high O&M costs. How to enhance vertical coverage and take into account the coordination of horizontal and vertical dimensions, effectively improve the utilization efficiency of 5G network resources, and reduce the complexity and costs of network planning and O&M are the challenges facing to operators.

    Advantages and Highlights

    - Enhances vertical coverage, improves 5G camping ratio in high-rise building scenarios
    - SSB simplest beam design increases the ratio of service channels and downlink drive test data rate
    - With the number of SSB reduced, energy consumption of 5G equipment is further reduced, and the extra power saving of gNodeB is realized
    - Intelligent planning and optimization tools efficiently support the fast deployment and iterative optimization of 1+X solution, and greatly reduces the cost of planning and optimization.

    Customer Values
    - The vertical coverage rate of the high-rise buildings is increased by 30%, and the 5G camping rate is increased by 30%, to absorb more users and traffic
    - The original horizontal multi-beam SSB can be replaced by SSB 1+X in the whole network, the downlink rate can be increased by 3%-5% without changing horizontal coverage
    - In low traffic hours, the power consumption of AAU equipment is reduced by 5%-10%, and single site power consumptionis saved by 2-3KwH daily
    - The intelligent planning and optimization tools can reduce the O&M cost by more than 30%
    - This solution has been commercially applied in over 10 provinces in China, including Guangdong, Hunan, and Anhui


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