• ZTE has more than 5 years of experience in M-MIMO commercial practice. With advanced algorithms, ZTE helps operators build the optimal Massive MIMO commercial performance network, and with AI, ZTE intelligent network planning tool and optimization tool greatly reduces the complexity of M-MIMO network construction and network optimization.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    New services impose higher requirements on the performance of the 5G network in terms of data rate and capacity. In addition, the introduction of M-MIMO makes equipment configuration more complicated, making 5G network planning and O&M much more difficult. How to efficiently build a high-performance commercial network centered on M-MIMO, and quickly import new services, and improve user experience and system capacity is a great challenge in the current stage of 5G large-scale commercial deployment.

    Advantages and Highlights

    Advanced algorithms help to build a high-performance commercial network, ZTE ranks among the top name in the industry with defined KPIs:

    - Intelligent self-adaptive space division pairing technology, high-precision channel calibration technology, PDSCH boosting and interference cancellation algorithms help realize "more layers, higher layer throughput, lower interference", to ensure leading commercial network key performance indicators in the industry.
    - Provided superior commercial network in Chinese big cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou to provide continuous "gigabit" user experience. The average downlink drive test data rate exceeded 1Gbps.

    Intelligent network planning and optimization tools simplify M-MIMO network planning, optimization and Maintenance:

    - ZXVMAX Accurate Planning has one-stop intelligent network planning capability. The tool platform can implement integrated planning of basic network coverage and some special key scenarios coverage. The planning site selection accuracy is improved by 30% and the planning period is reduced by 50%.
    - The NIA (Network Intelligence & Automation) is developed based on artificial intelligence and big data design concept which greatly reduces the manual intervention of network optimization and O&M. AAPC (Automatic Antenna Pattern Control) can implement fast convergence + precise selection from tens of thousands of antenna weight configurations. It optimizes the coverage performance, precisely absorbs users and traffic, and saves up to 90% network optimization manpower.

    Customer Values
    Based on advanced algorithms, ZTE built commercial 5G networks with the best performance to provide continuous "gigabit" user experience, and improved spectrum efficiency by more than 3 times compared to traditional LTE networks. The intelligent network planning and optimization tools based on artificial intelligence and big data can improve the accuracy of site selection, shorten the planning period 50%, optimize the coverage performance, and save the manpower 90%.


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