FDD Massive MIMO

  • FDD Massive MIMO Pro can help meet the increasing traffic demands on mobile network and make smooth evolution to 5G a reality. Compared with conventional 4T4R macro site, FDD Massive MIMO pro will improve cell capacity by 3-5 times, which not only fulfills 5G eMBB service’s needs, but also lowers the development cost thanks to better coverage performance.
  • Scenarios and Challenges

    FDD 1800/2100MHz is the main bearer of 4G data traffic and is required to migrate to 5G widely. How to tackle the challenges of enormous growth in data and improve service quality are the big questions as following:

    - Limit of 5G spectrum: mobile data requirement can’t be met due to lack of spectrum, for part of operators have to wait for new spectrum auction or getting narrow bandwidth of new spectrum which needs supplement from other frequency bands.

    - Limit of tower resource: introduction of more and more new RATs and new spectra means more devices on air which make the tower crowded.

    - Complicated co-existing multi-RATs: 4G and 5G will co-exist for a long time, so as to migrate to 5G and guaranteeing the 4G services at the same time.

    Advantages and Highlights

    ZTE FDD Massive MIMO product can support B1 and B3 dual bands.

    - Leading in spectral efficiency improvement of 3-5 times in industry: Advanced core algorithm help get accurate downlink channel estimation, which is ciritical to the cell capacity improvement, as the cell traffic can be up to 1.7Gbps at 20MHz bandwidth.

    - Lightest and smallest dual-band 32T32R FDD Massive MIMO in industry: AAU integrated RF modules and antenna elements, with the capability of dual-bands, saving tower resource in great part. Advanced 7nm SOC architecture, increasing calculating capability by 4 times to reach 24 layers in downlink, and reducing power consumption by 30% than 14nm. In addition, new generation of equipment cover material and V-shaped heat dissipation teeth design, improving cooling efficiency by 25%

    - Supporting DSS for smooth evolution to 5G

    - Industry’s unique 4G and 5G inter-RAT MU MIMO: Improving spectral efficiency furthermore by 4G and 5G users sharing the same time and frequency resources on the condition of channel orthogonality when enabling DSS.

    Customer Values

    FDD Massive MIMO pro can be suitable to the network deployment and development in any stage. Firstly, it could end the bottleneck of 4G cell capacity for higher and higher data traffic requirement. Secondly, it supports DSS for introducing 5G fast and taking 4G service into consideration at the same time. Thirdly, it supports migrating to 5G easier, only by software upgrade. Based on these features, investment is protected well.


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