• FAST (Fusion Assisting Super TDD) solution, based on traditional carrier aggregation framework, deepens harmonization of multi-spectrum 5G bands by innovatively introducing uplink TDM scheduling to maximize the resources utilization efficiency and boost the system performance. By deeply aggregating the frequency-and-slot resources of FDD and TDD NR carriers or multi-TDD NR carriers with different frame structures, FAST solution not only can enhance UL coverage and lessen latency, but also is the only solution which can benefit downlink and uplink capacity simultaneously, and the unique solution to boost system performance of coverage and capacity.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    TDD-NR spectrum bands have been widely adopted for initial 5G deployment, but its uplink coverage and capacity is weaker than traditional FDD bands such as 2.1GHz or 700MHz because of its higher propagation loss, higher penetration loss, and less uplink ratio. Further the vertical industries require 5G network to accommodate massive data capacity requirements on the uplink, including machine vision and intelligent surveillance. Deep harmonization among 5G spectrum bands is needed to enhance coverage and capacity to build high-quality 5G commercial networks.

    Advantages and Highlights

    - With deep and flexible coordination among multi-spectrum 5G bands (including FDD-NR+TDD-NR bands, or TDD-NR+TDD-NR bands), FAST can maximize the utilization of the large bandwidth and dual stream capability in TDD band and provides better DL/UL throughput and coverage
    - FAST solution enables the coordination with flexible deployment scenarios including inter-cell, inter-site and macro-micro based on real wireless environment to guarantee the QoE of subscribers
    - With flexible collaboration among multiple 5G bands with different frame structures, FAST can provide about 1Gbps uplink data speed for vertical industries’ applications.

    Customer Values
    FAST is the mainstream solution of 5G NR by deepening the coordination of multi-spectrum bands of 5G with inter-cell and inter-site deployment scenarios. Furthermore, FAST can flexibly aggregate and coordinate 5G spectrum bands in time and frequency domain to enable spectrum reach its full potential.
    With FAST, operators can deploy a top-quality 5G SA NR network with contiguous coverage, low latency and high DL/UL capacity, and continuously meet requirements of both customer and vertical markets.


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