• Magic Radio Pro is the most comprehensive dynamic spectrum sharing solution for multi-mode & multi-band networking in industry, including 5 RATs (G,U, L, NB and NR) and 7 scenarios(G/L, U/L, G/U, L/NR, U/L/NR). Based on the dynamic change of traffic load in the network, more flexible spectrum sharing and more sophisticated spectrum scheduling are implemented to improve data throughput and guarantees voice service in the same time.
    In 5G era, LTE/NR dynamic spectrum sharing implements fast introduction of 5G based on FDD spectrum. SuperDSS, the core innovation of Magic Radio Pro in 5G era, is the first solution in industry that supports three-mode dynamic spectrum sharing.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    SuperDSS enhances 2G/3G user loyalty during 2G/3G declines and guarantees legacy voice service experience, improves 4G/5G user throughput by 40%, enables unified configuration in the entire network and implements simplified O&M with intelligent 2G/3G and 4G shutdown to meet the requirement of 5G development along with network evolution.

    Advantages and Highlights

    During the evolution process from FDD to NR, at least one UMTS carrier or GSM TRX is required for legacy terminals voice service, as a result, LTE/NR DSS can’t be delivered in the whole bandwidth which is not an optimal way of spectrum utilization. If all the spectrum is used for LTE/NR DSS, legacy voice service experience can’t be guaranteed. According to service requirement, multiple configurations will occurred which causes a hybrid networking. Each time extra network planning is required along with the evolution to target network, which poses great challenge to network O&M.

    Customer Values
    SuperDSS is the industry’s first 2G/4G/5G or 3G/4G/5G dynamic sharing solution, among which 2G/3G resource allocation based on traffic requirement, when low traffic load, less bandwidth to be allocated even shutdown when there’s a 2nd carrier to cover traffic requirement, as a result, more spectrum resource can be used for 4G and 5G. It implements fast 5G track without degradation to legacy voice service experience, so as to maximize spectrum gain.


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