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Superior Experience


With complete decoupling of horizontal and vertical broadcast beams, SSB 1+X solution achieves 3D cooperative coverage in horizontal and vertical dimensions with the simplest beam design, greatly enhancing flexible on-demand vertical coverage capability. In high-value traffic areas, SSB 1+X solution improves 5G camping ratio, absorbs more 5G users and traffic, and reduces resource occupancy due to the reduction of beams, thus increasing downlink drive test data rate. SSB 1+X is combined with symbol shutdown strategy to further save energy for base stations. The intelligent network planning and optimization tool that supports the 1+X solution greatly reduces daily network planning and optimization cost of the operator.


Magic Radio Pro is the most comprehensive dynamic spectrum sharing solution for multi-mode & multi-band networking in industry, including 5 RATs (G,U, L, NB and NR) and 7 scenarios(G/L, U/L, G/U, L/NR, U/L/NR). Based on the dynamic change of traffic load in the network, more flexible spectrum sharing and more sophisticated spectrum scheduling are implemented to improve data throughput and guarantees voice service in the same time. In 5G era, LTE/NR dynamic spectrum sharing implements fast introduction of 5G based on FDD spectrum. SuperDSS, the core innovation of Magic Radio Pro in 5G era, is the first solution in industry that supports three-mode dynamic spectrum sharing.


FAST (Fusion Assisting Super TDD) solution, based on traditional carrier aggregation framework, deepens harmonization of multi-spectrum 5G bands by innovatively introducing uplink TDM scheduling to maximize the resources utilization efficiency and boost the system performance. By deeply aggregating the frequency-and-slot resources of FDD and TDD NR carriers or multi-TDD NR carriers with different frame structures, FAST solution not only can enhance UL coverage and lessen latency, but also is the only solution which can benefit downlink and uplink capacity simultaneously, and the unique solution to boost system performance of coverage and capacity.

FDD Massive MIMO

FDD Massive MIMO Pro can help meet the increasing traffic demands on mobile network and make smooth evolution to 5G a reality. Compared with conventional 4T4R macro site, FDD Massive MIMO pro will improve cell capacity by 3-5 times, which not only fulfills 5G eMBB service’s needs, but also lowers the development cost thanks to better coverage performance.

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