Orchestration Network

  • Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network, from the perspective of the entire network and all frequency bands, builds an AI-based autonomously evolving grid knowledge base, combining with terminal capabilities and service characteristics, empowers wireless networks with intelligent orchestration for the first time, realizes the transformation from a "network-centric" network to a truly "user-centric" network, flexibly adapting to the diverse services requirements of B2B and B2C scenario, facilitating the rapid development of the 5G industry
  • Scenarios and Challenges

    The mobile communication network has been developed to an extremely complex stage: multi-frequency multi-RAT coordinated network, different UE capabilities and diversified service types, etc. Traditional wireless network “one-fit-all” resource allocation and scheduling methods are inadequate to meet the strong demands for rapid improvement of 5G experience.

    Advantages and Highlights
    The Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network features user orchestration and network orchestration. User orchestration employs a self-learning grid knowledge base, together with network service capabilities, terminal capabilities and service types, implementing an active user navigation to the best experience cells precisely. Network orchestration explores automatic network capability orchestration to match the differentiation of service characteristics and maximize network payload flexibly.

    Customer Values

    ZTE has innovatively proposed grid repository based intelligent orchestration into wireless networks for the first time, from the perspective of the entire network and all frequency bands, user experience and payload gain can be improved by more than 20%, achieving the strongest network service capabilities and the best user experience.