• PowerPilot is the first solution in the industry to coordinate 4G and 5G for a much improved overall network energy efficiency. The energy saved by PowerPilot is twice as much as that of the conventional AI-based energy saving solutions, and it can save up to 20% of energy in a multi-mode network, thereby effectively reducing the operational expenditure.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    Energy saving of mobile network has always been a big issue, especially when 5G consumes a lot more energy per site. There are many 5G energy saving solutions out there but it’s far fromenough. An energy saving solution with higher energy saving efficiency is the inevitable way for the sustainable development of mobile networks.

    Advantages and Highlights
    Powered by AI and big data, PowerPilot firstly in industry exploits the differences in energy efficiency of different types of services, even the same services on different spectrum bands, while the other existing smart energy saving solutions are service insensitive that cannot make full use of service differentiation to improve the network energy efficiency. Services or users will be optimized proactively without passive impact between different bands or between different RATs to improve the network efficiency.

    Customer Values

    Even just 1% of 5G energy saving efficiency improvement can make a huge difference, resulting in 110,000 metric tons of carbon emission, equivalent to planting over 60,000 trees. PowerPilot improves the energy saving efficiency by at least 5% as much as that of the conventional AI-based energy saving solutions. It will help ensure greener and sustainable transformation and digitalization of the world.


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