Hardware Power Saving

  • ZTE facilitates green network with our latest technology innovations. 5G AAUs powered by latest generation in-house design chipsets with high computing capacity, including baseband processing and DIF processing chipsets, and high efficiency PAs reduce energy consumption.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    While 5G offers much faster speed, massive connections and much shorter latency, and enables a much bigger variety of new applications for both people and vertical industries, it does increase the energy consumption of the cellular networks. A report from China Mobile highlights the power consumption of 5G may be 2 to 3 times of 4G.

    Advantages and Highlights
    Latest 5G M-MIMO products reduce power consumption by 30% compared with the previous products: 7nm in-house multi-mode baseband processing chips and DIF (Digital Intermediate Frequency) chips not only meet the requirements of larger bandwidth and more channels, but also reduce 50% power consumption of chips. The PA efficiency powered by GaN+ and algorithm optimization exceeds 50%. Leaf vein bionic design of 5G product further improve the heat dissipation efficiency by 20%.

    Customer Values

    Thanks to the improvement of semiconductor and other fundamental technologies, the mobile industry has come a long way for reducing equipment energy consumption. ZTE aims to help operators build 5G networks with higher performance and lower energy consumption.