Green Network

  • ZTE intelligent and precise green network solution, facilitates much lower network TCO with higher efficiency.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    The electricity cost of network accounts for about 10% of operators’ OPEX. How to reduce site power consumption to save OPEX and reduce carbon emission? How to coordinate 2/3/4/5G sites effectively to ensure network performance and maximize power saving simultaneously? These challenges have become the top priority of global operators to meet.

    Advantages and Highlights
    With 7nm high-performance chip, high-power GaN and bionic appearance design, the energy consumption of the new-generation 5G AAU is reduced by 30%. Equipment-level, cell-level, channel-level and symbol-level 4-layer shutdown technologies coordinate with AI technology to achieve sophisticated network energy saving, the average network electricity cost can be reduced by 10%.

    Customer Values

    ZTE RAN power saving solution helps operators reduce network energy consumption and save operation costs. Take China as an example, if 40% of 4 million sites in China will upgrade to support 5G, in theory, 20 billion kWh would be saved each year, with 15.6 million tons of carbon emission reduced.


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