• ZTE NodeEngine solution is the unique BTS-level computing engine in the industry. Only based on one computing board, edge computing capability can be moved down to base stations, and integrates completely with the existing 5G radio network in the campus scenario. It can build the simplest 5G private network and precisely match the deployment needs of enterprise campus.
  • Scenarios and Challenges
    Campus access technologies are normally over fibers and WiFi, which cannot meet the requirements of terminals for mobility and data transmission security simultaneously. Although the current 5G private network solutions cover the campus transmission requirements for enterprises, but the cost of commissioning and O&M is higher than expected, and the deployment period is long, at least a week. So these are delaying the process of local incubation of industrial applications. In addition, differential requirements of campus applications in bandwidth, latency and reliability require the private network to provide QoS guaranteed services.

    Advantages and Highlights
    - Convenient deployment: the simplest private network can be formed in an hour, only with one board embedded into a 5G base station and a fiber through the local network.
    - Super capacity: with 10Gbps capability per board, NodeEngine covers the private network scenarios for the most of medium and small-sized enterprise.
    - Extreme performance: NodeEngine can offer precise QoS guarantee service according to the application requirements, and support subscription of local QoS service level for key applications in the campus.
    - Self operation & maintenance: the real-time local service monitoring and configuration of the private network can be executed autonomously by the enterprise through self-service portal, authorized by the operator.

    Customer Values

    NodeEngine is a creative, BTS-level edge computing solution, which help operators to build a private network for enterprise partners with the lowest cost and shortest deployment period in the industry. Without engineering survey in advance or interconnection with core network NEs, the whole commissioning process only takes one hour. 4G/5G terminals can be accessed at the same time. It provides application-oriented precise network performance service, like E2E transmission latency of <10 ms for control command transmission, E2E video uploading latency of <100 ms for nearly real-time video remote controlling. NodeEngine acts as a key role for operators to accelerate an intelligent private network deployment and meet the development requirements of vertical industry applications.