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White paper

ZTE Autonomous Evolving Network White Paper

The Autonomous Evolving Network solution uses the principle of hierarchical closed-loop to build NE level, intra-domain level, and cross-domain level intelligent network system. Currently the focus of the Autonomous Evolving Network solution is on ten scenarios from wireless, bearer and core network single domain intelligent scenarios to end-to-end cross domain scenario. The solution covers full life cycle of network management, including planning, deployment, maintenance, optimization and operation.

Wireline Autonomous Evolving Network uSmart Athena 2.0 White Paper

On the basis of grasping the new requirements of 5G wireline network and understanding the AI technologies such as machine learning, big data and knowledge graph, ZTE released the uSmart Athena 2.0 White Paper for wireline intelligent network solution. This solution includes two major parts: Management&control integration system ZENIC ONE as the intelligent core and telecom equipment network with pan-intelligent features, covering most wireline service scenarios such as 5G mobile bearer, broadband access, high-value government&enterprise business, campus network, data center network. The target of the solution is designed to build a “simplest” and "most convenient", full lifecycle, and IBN-oriented new generation wireline network to meet various user requirements in the 5G network era and further promote the advent of autonomous network.

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