ZTE Transport Network Intelligent Solution

  • ZTE uSmartNet sub-solution -- transport network intelligent solution (Athena) helps domestic and foreign network operators and partners to empower in-depth 5G operation capability, improve operation efficiency, optimize resources, reduce operation cost, and promote the formation of an open and cooperative network ecology.
  • In the 5G era, 2G,3G,4G and 5G networks coexist, industry application requirement tend to be diversified, and network layered O&M has an obvious trend, making network O&M increasingly complicated. With the evolution of the network from the traditional network to the NFV/SDN network, the commercial process of the network slicing technology is accelerating, the real-time monitoring of services is becoming increasingly normal, and the industrial interconnection brings millions of access services. Therefore, efficient O&M guarantee and innovative O&M modes are required.

    Facing the new trend and challenges of network development, ZTE transport network proposed the transport network intelligent solution Athena (hereafter referred to as "Athena", uSmartNet sub-solution), which helps domestic and foreign telecom operators and partners to empower in-depth 5G operation capability, improves operation efficiency, optimizes resources, reduces operation cost, and promotes the formation of an open and cooperative network ecosystem.

    Figure 1 Transport Network Intelligent Solution

    The transport network intelligent solution Athena provides tools to support the full life-cycle of the network. It provides a cloud-native-based micro-service architecture with features such as high reliability, high security, high extension and open interfaces. It supports fast network construction, convenient service provisioning, intelligent fault diagnosis, predictive O&M and centralized global optimization. It can be deployed in a centralized manner and applied flexibly. Supports network-wide visualization to meet the personalized requirements of cloud-based, on-demand, and mobile office users.

    1、Rapid network construction based on network planning, shortening network construction time and saving construction costs

    Traditional network construction requires O&M personnel to visit sites for debugging and commissioning one site at a time, which is time-consuming and error-prone, and may cause long network construction time and high cost. Athena proposes the fast network construction mode based on network planning.The equipment supports automatic DCN online/ZTP automatic online. Supports online planning of network data collection in real time, templates of basic configurations, and batch delivery to implement automatic commissioning of devices in minutes.

    Figure 2 Transport Network Intelligent Solution Rapid Network Construction

    2、Rapid End-to-End Service Deployment, Short TTM for Service Innovation

    Service provisioning is an important and complicated process in network management. Traditional service commissioning involves multi-node and multi-layer service association configuration and verification. Configuration parameters are various, and the configuration interface is switched frequently. Therefore, errors are easy to occur and efficiency is low. Athena has proposed a convenient service commissioning mode driven by a hierarchical model, batch configuration of basic configurations and service scenario templates. This mode enables the configuration process to support personalized and customized scenarios, automation, standardized configuration results and high security and efficiency. The service commissioning time reaches the minute level.

    Figure 3 Transport Network Quick Deployment of End-To-End Services

    3、Intelligent Service Guarantee to Improve Network Quality and Reduce O&M Costs

    The traditional troubleshooting relies on the experience of O&M engineers. However, if the network scale is large and the fault symptom is complicated, then the wireless network, transport network, and core network need to be diagnosed jointly, resulting in low troubleshooting efficiency and cost of manpower with duplicated trouble tickets.

    Athena provides intelligent fault processing capability, and supports network data intelligent self-adaptive real-time collection, minute-level network configuration intelligent check and 360 degree network health check, and intelligent perception and identification of network risks. It provides RCA analysis and policy/workflow-based fault diagnosis methods, helping fast fault delimiting and locating and shortening the fault locating time. The policy-based automatic service recovery mechanism is enabled to implement real-time perception, intelligent diagnosis, and self-recovery. The troubleshooting time is improved by more than 50%, O&M costs and customer complaints are reduced, user experience and user loyalty of the network are improved.

    Figure 4 Transport Network Intelligent Perception and Multiple Guarantee

    4、AI-Based Traffic Prediction and Network Optimization Helps Carriers Improve Data Operation Capabilities

    5G network construction is accelerating, and the network is facing the trend of centralized traffic explosion. With the transformation of operation modes, operators hope that through traffic data mining, they can have data operation capabilities and actively monetize data traffic.

    Athena provides traffic prediction function based on big data analysis and AI algorithm, predicts the traffic growth trend and busy/idle traffic, and provides multi-dimensional optimization suggestions. Facilitating the evolution of network O&M from "passive" to "active." Precisely guiding the network expansion, reducing Opex, and helping operators to carry out dedicated traffic marketing towards business customers.


    Figure 5 Traffic Prediction and Network Optimization Based on The AI Technology

    5、Network Visualization Helps Operators to Visualize Network, Show Full Network and Network Insights

    The three major 5G application scenarios are gradually implemented in vertical industries, and differentiated service management is used. Users and operators require increasingly high voice calls on the network.

    Athena provides a multi-dimensional and multi-point of view network visualization capability, and visualizes the use of network resources, end-to-end service routing hierarchical visualization, key performance visualization, and link traffic classification visualization, helping the operator’s network to be visible, and show full network insights.

    6、 ZTE Transport Network SDN Competitiveness

    With a long-term engagement in the communication market, a deep understanding of the customers, and continuous R&D investment, ZTE transport network Integrated Management and Control System (ZENIC ONE) received GlobalData "Very Strong" ratings in March and October 2019 consecutively. In October 2019, ZTE and China Unicom won the Best Network Intelligence Award at the Broadband World Forum 2019.

    ZTE transport network is always committed to providing customers with innovative technical and product solutions, so as to flexibly meet customers' differentiated requirements and rapid innovation. Transport network Intelligent Solution (Athena) empowers network management with AI capabilities, helps operators improve the closed-loop capability of automation and intelligent network O&M, actively creates an open and flexible intelligent cooperation platform, and helps to form an open 5G ecological environment, thus injecting powerful impetus to customer operation transformation and industrial upgrade.