ZTE Network Intelligent Series Solution

  • ZTE uSmartNet network intelligent series solutions, including uSmartNet overall solution and intelligent sub-solutions in the three fields of wireless, transport and service. This series of solutions is the evolution of cloud-based network ElasticNet solution.

    ZTE uSmartNet network intelligence solution can achieve a End-to-end network intelligence through three enhancements of AI capabilities: intent insight, AI analysis and data perception, as well as internal network closed loop and external business closed loop processes in operation and maintenance by adding algorithm models and different levels of intelligent engines at different levels of the network.

    Different network levels have distinct features in the Cloud-based networks architecture. The higher the layer is, the more centralized processing and the higher requirement for inter-domain analysis and scheduling capabilities it has. Scenarios, such as the orchestration and management of E2E slicing, and the coordinated scheduling of global cloud resources, etc., rely on the centralized AI analysis for centralized training and reasoning of global strategy. By contrast, the lower the layer is, the closer to the end side it is and the more enhancement of intelligent abilities of single domain or network element it focuses on. For example, the access network, the bearer network and the core network can be deployed with the lightweight AI analysis to enhance the intelligent ability of the subnet or sub-slice field, such as network management strategy, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc.. Edge devices, like MEC, 5G gNB, etc., can achieve real-time, quasi-real-time intelligence of the edge by introducing AI models.

    ZTE uSmartNet series of solutions is divided into three sub-areas, including wireless, wired, and service segments. The wireless AI sub-solution introduces key application scenarios for 5G networks, including Massive MIMO beam management, interference management, coverage optimization, load balancing optimization, and MEC edge intelligence. In the wired field, an intent-driven SDN network intelligent solution is proposed, focusing on application scenarios such as cloud network intelligent collaboration, IP+ optical intelligent scheduling, and network intelligent tuning. The service area proposes the AIOps intelligent operation solution, which can provide operators with all-round intelligent operation solutions from the first-line site to the whole network in the Pre-5G and 5G network environments.

    With the integration of 5G and AI, the telecom network will become the next generation of intelligent information hub, which will provide key support for the transformation of the digital social industry, shape new industrial forms, and promote human society to enter a new era of intelligent interconnection of all things.


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