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Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence

ZTE uSmartNet Network Intelligent Solution

ZTE's self-evolution network solution uSmartNet has built a Network Element level, Intra-domain level and Inter-domain level intelligent network system. AI capabilities are designed in a modular form which can be integrated on demand at the Network Element layer, Intra-domain layer, and Inter-domain layer. Through this, we can build a self-evolution network to drive the network evolve step by step and increase value continuously. In response to the typical requirements of network intelligence, ZTE has planed more than 60 intelligent scenes, which covers the full life cycle of planning, deployment, maintenance, optimization and operation, and helps operators to build efficient operation networks.

ZTE uSmartNet-CN Core Network Intelligent Solution

ZTE uSmartNet sub-solution -- uSmartNet-CN Core Network Intelligent solution , which is based on the ZTE uSmartInsight AI platform, flexibly introduces AI engine at the infrastructure layer, network layer and management control layer. It constructs a hierarchical and closed-loop intelligent O&M system, and supports the intelligentization and automation of the entire O&M process of network planning, deployment, maintenance and optimization.

ZTE Transport Network Intelligent Solution

ZTE uSmartNet sub-solution -- transport network intelligent solution (Athena) helps domestic and foreign network operators and partners to empower in-depth 5G operation capability, improve operation efficiency, optimize resources, reduce operation cost, and promote the formation of an open and cooperative network ecology.

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