ZTE Finance Cloud Data Center Solution

  • ZTE’s cloud data center solution for the finance industry supports distributed deployment and flexible scaling of IT resources and allows quick iteration of service applications in full lifecycle.
  • Background and Customer Demands

    In the time of digital economy, faced with challenges such as customer focus, Internet-based finance, and overwhelming digitalization, banks are eager to make business innovations and transformations. The integration of technologies allow banks to have more innovative services and models.

    In this circumstance, business scenarios for data-center-based IT systems become even more complicated, and require more in data center transaction concurrency, response time, ease of use, and service disaster recovery. Meanwhile, the national supervision department’s requirements of security and controllability and banks’ demands for IT cost reduction force the finance industry to upgrade their IT systems rather than fully depend on a few international IT vendors’ software and hardware products and services. 

    Solution Overview

    ZTE’s cloud data center solution for the finance industry supports distributed deployment and flexible scaling of IT resources and allows quick iteration of service applications in full lifecycle.

    ● Build the basic cloud platform to satisfy internal business requirements.

    ● Build the O&M and industry application ecosystem, supervise the compliance system, and enhance industry cloud service output capability.

    ● Establish the O&M platform and system for SaaS application development and management within the industry.

    ● Establish three centers in two sites, which is the high reliability local active-active and off-site disaster recovery data center solution.

    ●Take inspections of the finance supervision organizations such as the Banking Regulatory Commission or Securities Regulatory Commission and meet security, reliability, and audit requirements.


    ● Flexibly-scaling cloud platform resource pool

    ● Local active-active and off-site disaster recovery cloud data center 

    Solution Highlights

    ● Meeting challenges of new businesses

    Quickly make changes for innovative application services, emphasize customer experience and cooperative innovations, and solve problems of Internet applications, such as high concurrency, difficult load forecast, short application lifecycle, quick iteration, and big difference from current applications and development process.

    ● Balance between efficiency and continuity

    Construct green data centers to improve operation efficiency of current data centers, increase the reuse rate of existing equipment, especially two-site three-center data centers, and ensure high continuity of Internet-enabled all-channel applications.

    ● Proprietary, controllable cloud platform

    Construct a cloudified platform that enables orchestratable service and scalable resources to help customers fully improve core capabilities in rick management and control and operation management in the field of finance-oriented science and technology.

    ● Active-active disaster recovery management

    Provide automated platform switching for disaster recovery and graphical self-defined orchestration, realizing one-click disaster recovery management.   

    Customer Benefits

    The finance cloud data center can improve the scientific and technological capability of the finance industry.

    ● Service continuity: The local active-active and off-site disaster recovery solution can increase the service continuity indicator to 99.999%.

    ● Architecture openness: The IT infrastructure uses the open architecture to quickly carry the x86 platform, cloud platform and distributed technology and reduce costs.

    ● Fast service innovation: With the integration of service development, test and O&M as well as graphical service orchestration, the solution supports one-click deployment of service clusters to cut service roll-out period to days.

    ● High-efficiency maintenance: Associated with APM and NPM, the solution provides automated maintenance based on root cause analysis for rapid fault location. 


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