ZTE Financial-Class Distributed Transactional Database Solution

  • Break the closed traditional database architecture to build a new-generation core banking business system.
  • Background and Customer Demands
    With the explosive growth of banking and transaction data, the performance bottleneck of traditional IT systems based on the centralized architecture becomes obvious. The distributed architecture provides new-generation technical support for new financial applications that features high traffic, high concurrency, and needs high security, thus driving the technological reform in the financial industry.
    In recent years, the financial industry accelerates its transformation of applying the distributed architecture. At the beginning of 2018, led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, state-owned banks and various joint-equity banks participated in the formulation of the financial distributed transactional database industry standards. In April of the same year, the Financial Distributed Transactional Database White Paper was released, and ZTE was the main initiator and drafter of this document.
    Solution Overview
    With the development of database and network technologies, the distributed database architecture becomes mature. It features large capacity, high scalability, easy maintenance and low cost, and becomes the main development trend of database technology. 
    To meet the market demands for financial-class core business databases, ZTE has been developing its financial database GoldenDB since 2014 and successfully put it into commercial use in 2015. ZTE GoldenDB, based on a distributed and shared-nothing architecture, provides OLTP-oriented transactional database services. Over these years, ZTE GoldenDB’s performance and commercial-use stability have been greatly improved. It was awarded Tier 1 Achievement by China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) and won the 2015 Outstanding Innovation Award of the Financial Computerizing Magazine and PBOC (People’s Bank of China) Technology Development Second Prize in 2017.
    ● Provide high-performance distributed database to process core banking businesses. 
    ● Provide database support for processing non-core bank businesses especially quasi-core businesses such as ECIF and credit card to improve performance and cut costs.
    Solution Highlights
    As a financial-class transactional distributed database product, GoldenDB provides three major features as follows: 
    1.High-performance and high-reliability distributed database
    ●New-generation high performance distributed database: As a new-generation distributed database for OLTP, it realizes software and hardware decoupling and can support core banking businesses of big banks. It has been used for trial run of carrying the core banking system of a joint-equity bank. 
    ●Graceful application migration: It supports graceful application migration according to characteristics of banking businesses and specific requirements.
    ●Financial-class high security and high reliability: It supports multi-site multi-active data center architecture, which ensure zero data loss. Service can migrate gracefully when disasters happen. 
    ●Supporting future banking business development: It supports high performance up to 40,000TPS and consistency accuracy up to 100%. The performance can be expanded linearly. 
    2.Distributed database with banks' Gene
    ●Fully satisfying key requirements of core banking services: It supports real-time and consistent distributed transaction control, financial-oriented disaster recovery, online re-distribution without service interruption, and rich monitoring and O&M methods. 
    ●Passing the strictest technical test of banking services: In the transaction scenario with 300M customers and 1.5B accounts, GoldenDB achieves performance of 40,000 TPS, linear performance expansion, and transaction consistency of 100%.
    ●Real banks' gene: GoldenDB is designed in orientation to financial transaction applications and according to banking characteristics and requirements. It can keep banks' application achievements unchanged and reduce application migration cost. 
    3.The first distributed database carrying core banking businesses
    Since 2015, GoldenDB has been verified in search, transaction, and core businesses of banks and proved to be capable of supporting all these businesses. GoldenDB was applied to the core banking system of a Chinese joint-equity commercial bank in November 2018, and will be put into commercial use officially in the second half of 2019.
    ZTE GoldenDB is the first financial-class transactional distributed database that are used for core banking system of a large bank in China. ZTE has all IPRs of the product and develops many key technologies on its own.
    Customer Benefits
    ●Break the closed traditional database architecture to build a new-generation core banking business system.
    ●Greatly reduce costs on IT infrastructure, system expansion and maintenance.
    ●Support linear performance increase through scale-out of the distributed architecture, preventing the performance bottleneck of the traditional architecture.
    ●Meet financial-class core businesses’ requirements for database products: high consistency, high reliability, and high availability.


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