ZTE Smart City Solution

  • ZTE is committed to building Smart City with efficient urban management, full-time public services, and green economic development.
  • Background and Customer Demands 

    With the development of society, most cities are in need of an efficient omni-directional city management system. The system can transform the municipal government from management-oriented to service-oriented, quickly respond to emergencies, and relieve urban problems such as traffic jam and environmental pollution, and build up a sound municipal economy structure, thus improving citizens’ sense of well-being and security, achieving harmonious and sustainable development, and enhancing regional influence of a city. Smart City is such a system that is a new model of city planning, construction, management and service, and is indispensable for solving above problems. 
    Solution Overview
    ZTE is committed to building Smart City with efficient urban management, full-time public services, and green economic development. Its Smart City solution is built based on the concept of pervasive connection, great service, high intelligence, and comprehensive ecosystem. 
    Pervasive connection: It has two meanings. (1) High bandwidth, low-latency, and mass-connection basic networks based on 5G, LTE, and IoT technologies; (2) Cloudified, multi-active, and converged distributed IT architecture based on cloud computing and SDN technologies. 
    High intelligence: Based on pervasive connection, high intelligence means faster, more powerful, and more accurate smart data analysis platform that enables big data and AI-enabled analysis and mining, and then provides analysis results for various applications to create more value. 
    Comprehensive ecosystem: Above high intelligence is the comprehensive ecosystem. ZTE not only provides Internet Plus government service, emergency response, digital city management, smart tourism, and smart environmental protection businesses, but also creates a digital transformation ecosystem to collaborate with other vendors to make innovations and provide all kinds of useful applications for cities. 
    Great service: It includes all kinds of service capabilities for smart city construction. ZTE provides top-down design, consulting, application customization, operation and maintenance, and security services for smart city digital transformation. 
    Solution Highlights
    ●Active engagement in standard formulation and rich experience in project delivery: ZTE has committed in building up Smart City for more than 170 cities of over 60 countries. As the chairman of Smart City Industry Alliance in China, ZTE has participated in formulating the Smart City standards, established the City Security Lab and Smart City Experience Center for China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.   
    ●Consulting, planning and top-down design of Smart City: ZTE’s professional smart city product team can provide strategic smart city planning and overall design with resource coordination and optimization. ZTE can help establish a smart city that supports health and sustainable development of economy and society, environmental protection and improvement of people’s living standard.  
    ●Smart City industry chain integration, global application, and project integration and delivery: ZTE works with more than 7,000 partners to provide one-stop smart city full solution including top-down design, platform construction, solution integration, and service outsourcing, establishing a Smart City ecosystem.
    Customer Benefits
    ●Increase government service efficiency: Supporting cross-department data sharing and service collaboration, ZTE Smart City helps government customers perform delicacy management and improve decision-making and public service efficiency.  
    ●Boost industry development: ZTE Smart City stimulates the development of emerging industries such as 5G, big data, AI, cloud computing, IoT and intelligent manufacturing to form a sustainable ecosystem of industries.
    ●Benefit the people: ZTE Smart City provides one-stop government services and public services to improve the people’s living standard.  


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