ZTE Government Cloud Solution

  • ZTE's government cloud solution features high elasticity, high flexibility, high efficiency, and high security. It lays a foundation for future data resource exchange, reduces IT construction costs, and improves O&M and service efficiency.
  • Background and Customer Demands
    China is facing a new round of industry transformation. The national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” requires breaking information barriers and silos and establishing a unified, efficient and interconnected national data resource system. The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Informatization specifies that the cloud computing system is the development direction of government informatization. Governments of all levels shall actively construct government cloud platforms to realize government service innovation, information resource sharing, and data security assurance. 
    Solution Introduction
    Based on in-depth understanding of government informatization, ZTE uses cloud computing technology to provide the government cloud solution, which features high elasticity, high flexibility, high efficiency, and high security. The solution integrates IT resources of all governmental departments and provides a unified e-government extranet cloud platform resource pool for all departments to share resources and deploy their own information systems. It lays a foundation for future data resource exchange, reduces IT construction costs, and improves O&M and service efficiency. 
    ZTE’s OpenStack-based government cloud solution realizes enterprise-level optimization in high availability, high performance and high elasticity of services and high utilization of resources. Aiming at the integration of independent resources on physical equipment such as data centers, servers, storage devices, and networks, it is an end-to-end solution that provides hardware resource virtualization, sharing, and unified management. Its elastic, flexible, efficient, and secure cloud data center solution supports governmental departments to quickly deploy and utilize all kinds of service applications.  
    ZTE also provides the government big data solution, which unifies the government data platforms and integrates data resources from government departments and from the Internet to provide data collection, unified computing, and storage services. The data integration and collaboration service allows data sharing & exchange, data governance, and establishment of the basic database and topic-specific databases. The solution supports data mining, analysis, opening, and application for government, enterprises, and the people. It also supports full-lifecycle data management and data security management.  
    End-to-end platform solution: 
    ●Consulting and top-level design capability
    ●A full solution providing data center, hardware infrastructure, and application migration
    ●Services and tools to support system integration, network security design, and application migration to cloud
    Security and stability: 
    ●Complete full-process security solution, including physical security, network security, host cloud security, application security, data security, and operation management security
    ●Compliance with the requirements specified in the National Classified Protection of Information System; rich successful cases of government cloud projects compliant with the class-3 protection requirements
    ●Two-site three-center solution, which ensures security and stability of the cloud environment
    Data sharing and business collaboration: 
    ●Multi-level directory system of government information resources
    ●Unified resource-shared database for unified planning and service 
    Convenient O&M and value mining: 
    ●Visualized modeling, analysis, and mining tools, which supports dragging to quickly establish smart applications
    ●Intelligent, visualized, and scientific O&M management and service
    ●Algorithm library with over 300 algorithms to tap data value
    Rich experience and cases: 
    ●The cloud platform solution based on the OpenStack open-source technology has been deployed for more than 50 government cloud platform projects such as Hunan Province E-Government Cloud, Liuzhou Government Cloud, Zhuhai Government Cloud, and Yinchuan Government Cloud.
    Customer Benefits
    ●Unified management and efficient O&M: Improve O&M efficiency by 70% on average, reduce O&M cost by 40%. With ZTE’s rich experience in government big data top-level design and project implementation, the solution enables unified data collection, unified management, and unified coding, provides unified directories to applications, and truly eliminates government information islands.
    ●Service agility and rapid service rollout: Services can be automatically deployed, reducing the rollout period to hours.
    ●Unified security assurance, compliance and reliability: The reliability of the platform can reach 99%. The active-active data center solution ensures service continuity and meets class-3 information system protection requirements.
    ●Self-service and hierarchical isolation: Users can use self-service to apply for software and hardware easily and rapidly. The resources are organized and managed according to the governmental department structure for easy hierarchical management.


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