Cloud Core Network

Enabled Industry applications

NFV makes network architecture of telecom operators more open through software/hardware decoupling and hardware generalization, meanwhile, NFV involves many vendors and interfaces, resulting in that system integration of multi-vendor faces many challenges, such as immature standard, incomplete ecosystem, problem analysis & obscure location boundary, unfamiliar services with frequent update and difficulty in guaranteeing reliability.
ZTE makes crossing verification plan and verification scheme of NFVI layer, VIM layer, VNF layer and NFVO layer in association with partners of mainstream NFV industry depending on openlab resources, which can find multi-vendor compatibility problems in advance as well as cloud integration solutions for it, thus ZTE accumulates abundant multi-vendor cloud integration experience and knowledge base of end to end cloud integration solutions. The pre-integration verification in open lab reduces commercial risks of the system greatly.

Enabled Industry applications

Simplified Common Edge Solution

The ZTE Common Edge solution includes an MEP capability exposing platform, a lightweight edge cloud, a full range of edge-oriented servers, and edge acceleration.

Lightweight Edge Cloud

Lightweight edge cloud by mixed deployment of container and virtual machine introduces rich cloud native technology stack to assist ICT edge application for faster distribution, deployment, resiliency and cross-cloud migration.

5GC MEC Traffic Offloading

For a closed park or enterprise network, MEC solution distributes the internal network traffic of the park or enterprise to implement local management and operation of the enterprise network, thus to meet the demands of real-time, high-bandwidth, and high-security requirements for mobile office, video monitoring, and on-site data collection inside the enterprise.

NB-IoT Core Network Solution

ZTE NB-IoT core network solution conforms to the development of Internet of things, based on NFV / SDN technology, build carrier grade, elastic and cloudified NB-IoT core network.