CUPS Solution

  • In the existing network, the gateway (GW) is deployed in a centralized manner, media plane data is usually transmitted a long distance and forwarding delay is large, so user experience is not good. In response to this problem, ZTE proposed a C / U separation (CUPS) solution.
  • The ZTE CUPS solution separates the control plane and the user plane of the gateway. The control plane is centrally deployed in the central data center (Central DC), the user plane is lightweight and supporting plug and play, so where the demand exists, where the user plane function will be deployed. In general, user plane function is deployed in Edge Data Center (Edge DC) close to users.
    ZTE CUPS solution fully optimized the network architecture, improve the user data forwarding capabilities. The optimization of the network architecture enables the centralized management of the control plane, reduces the cost of management and O&M. At the same time, the user plane sinks, close to users, reduces the forwarding delay and improves the user experience.


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