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Cloud EPC


Cloud EPC Solution

ZTE's Cloud EPC solution is based on NFV / SDN technology to enable software and hardware decoupling and virtualization of upper layer applications, supporting multiple access methods such as 2/3 / 4G / NB-IoT and non-3GPP, and facilitating smooth evolution to 5G core network.

CUPS Solution

In the existing network, the gateway (GW) is deployed in a centralized manner, media plane data is usually transmitted a long distance and forwarding delay is large, so user experience is not good. In response to this problem, ZTE proposed a C / U separation (CUPS) solution.

NB-IoT Core Network Solution

ZTE NB-IoT core network solution conforms to the development of Internet of things, based on NFV / SDN technology, build carrier grade, elastic and cloudified NB-IoT core network.

ZTE Smart Service Chain Solution

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the increasing proportion of revenue of data services, the focus of operators has begun to shift from voice value-added services to data network value-added services. The ZTE SSC solution provides end users with network data value-added services to help operators increase ARPU.

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