5GC Automatic Integration Solution

  • With the arrival of 5G era, the telecom network gradually evolves from legacy network to virtualized network. Under such circumstances, the network architecture of operators becomes more open, the resources sharing becomes more flexible, and the service innovation becomes faster and more agile. Meanwhile, as the standard 5G CN architecture comprises several NEs, the networking is complex, and the hardware & software decoupling degree is greater along with the virtualization evolution. All these bring huge challenges, in network planning & design, verification, deployment and test from vendors and cross-region integration for the operators.
  • ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution solidifies and integrates the integration procedure through AIC (Auto Integration Center). It provides customized integration design in real time as required by the customer and verifies the design feasibility. After the verification, it generates detailed design documentation for 5GC network integration automatically, which is imported into the integration deployment tool on site for E2E silent integration deployment and automatic verification through the procedure. In this way, it realizes "zero intervention" in the integration deployment by users on 5GC site and shortens 5GC deployment/verification time greatly. In the integration procedure life-cycle, from integration planning & design, network deployment to integration test E2E, it realizes "zero distance" between the integration design and the customer's requirements, effectively relieving the operators from their pain points about 5G network integration. In addition, ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution introduces cloud experience model by taking the support of offline design and remote deployment into consideration, enabling users to directly execute 5GC network integration planning and pre-integration verification in real time on the cloud, and making the selection and deployment from application scenario to NEs more convenient and flexible. 

    Highlights of plan & customer value  

    ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution provides a series of E2E and one-stop services, covering 5GC network integration planning & design, plan verification, test design, integration deployment and integration test, for the operators through AIC. The OpenLab and pre-integration work flow cover various 5GC NFV integration full-service scenarios, such as NFVI integration, MANO integration and VNF integration, which make 5GC scenario integration much easier, accelerate 5G network construction for the operators and facilitate the network transformation. 

    As verified by ZTE projects, 5GC automatic integration solution enhances the entire integration deployment efficiency by more than 65%:  
    • Automatic output of 5GC network integration design improves integration design efficiency, and the automatic generation of integration LLD shortens the integration design time, reducing weeks of workload in legacy provisioning to less than 1 day. 
    • One-click deployment of 5GC network integration makes the on-site deployment easier and improves the deployment efficiency tenfold (complete single DC provisioning in 1 day). 
    • Automatic test of 5GC network integration provides more than 5000 test cases, it supports generating test plan automatically based on the customer's requirement, and the test automatically runs and outputs a test result.


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