• SDN/NFV brings carriers the transformation chance, as well as challenges of SDN/NFV virtual network O&M:
    ●Separate of virtual resource management and service management causes two views of OSS and NFVO, and it is inconvenient for corporation management;
    ●Virtual management operations are lack of the unified portal and need to switch in several systems (NFVO/VNFM/VIM), so in practice it’s quite difficult to use;
    ●As separate of EMS and VNFM, repetition of some generic functions might go against the unified management of network elements.
  • ZTE NFVO+ solution is the expansion and enhancement of NFVO. It implements vertical integration of NFVO/VNFM/VIM and unified portal; horizontal integration of VNFM/EMS; unified management of virtual and physical network; integration with traditional OSS; E2E network cooperation and unified management provided for carriers, and improving O&M efficiency.

    Customer Value
    ●Unified views: vertical integration of NFVO/VNFM/VIM, unified portal, simplified O&M.
    ●Unified management of virtual network and physical network: horizontal integration of VNFM/EMS/vEMS, unified management of PNF/VNF.
    ●Integration of O&M: integration of NFVO and OSS, correlation analysis of services, virtual resource and physical resource, E2E management of network.


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