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Cloud IMS&CS

ZTE's IMS portfolio has already been cloudified and can be deployed together with the legacy IMS network to ensure smooth network upgrade. By miniaturizing and deploying Cloud IMS on the public cloud, carriers can fast verify and construct a cloud-based network at a low cost.

Cloud IMS&CS Solutions

Cloud IMS&CS Solution

ZTE Cloud IMS & CS solution is based on the NFV architecture and can be deployed on the general COTS hardware. It supports seamless roaming among 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, as well as FMC.

eVoLTE Solution

ZTE eVoLTE solution is an end-to-end total solution, which not only has the same features with the common VoLTE solution but also has the following “4E” advantages.

VoWiFi Solution

ZTE VoWiFi solution adopts standard 3GPP VoWiFi architecture and supports seamless handover with VoLTE to solve the problem of poor signal receiving due to insufficient indoor 4G coverage.

Fixed Network Reconstruction Solution

ZTE’s IMS-based fixed network reconstruction solution provides the most complete access modes for the legacy fixed network, including H.248, PRI, MGCP, NCS, H.323, ISDN, V5, etc. It also supports seamless roaming among 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, to avoid repeated investments made by carriers and accelerate fixed-mobile convergence.

RCS Solution

ZTE Rich Communication Suite (RCS) solution, an Internet-oriented ICT service, draws on the Internet business model to not only provide enhanced communication service for individual users, but also expose basic telecom communication capabilities to the family and enterprise applications.

Cloud CS Solution

With the introduction of NFV/SDN technology, ZTE products of the mobile soft switching core network have introduced the mature NFV/SDN solutions, with the industry's first virtualized CS commercial project to help operators towards the cloud network architecture.

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