User Data Convergence Solution

  • Based on the Universal Subscriber Profile Platform (ZXUN USPP), ZTE user data convergence solution complies with the 3GPP UDC design concept, adopts the fully distributed architecture, and stores and processes the user data and service data distributed in each NE in a centralized manner, to build a unified and integrated data center for the carrier.
  • It supports convergence of NEs such as GSM HLR, UMTS HLR, HLRe, EIR, MNP, FNR, IMS HSS, EPC HSS, 5G UDM, 5G AUSF, SLF, AAA, FLR, ENUM and DSC, and implements unified management of 2/3/4/5G/IMS subscriber data. It supports unified mobility management, unified policy management and unified signaling routing under multi-access and multi-network, helping the carrier simplify the network and improve the operational efficiency.