Unified Mobility Management solution

  • With the unified mobility management solution, different network elements in CDMA/WCDMA/LTE/IMS/5G and other networks are integrated to provide unified services.
  • The solution mainly integrates the following network elements:

    1. In 2G/3G/4G network, it integrates HLR, EPC HSS, SPR, MNP, EIR, FLR, AAA, etc.

    2. In IMS network, it integrates IMS HSS, ENUM, SLF, etc.

    3. In CDMA network, it integrates HLRe, CDMA AAA, etc.

    4. In 5G network, it integrates UDM, AUSF, etc.

    The solution supports the unified BE and the unified FE for multi-APPs' database management and service logic processing.

    And the BE and FE can run in full load-sharing mode so that the load is full balanced.

    Full virtualization:

    1. Following ETSI NFV network virtualization protocol standard and NFV E2E reference architecture;

    2. Full life-circle management;

    3. Flexible scale-in/out; 

    4. VM migration and self-heal;

    5. Using a variety of performance tuning technology, such as NUMA, DPDK, Huge Pages, CPU Pinning;

    6. Rapid deployment.

    Customer Value:

    ZTE Unified Mobility Solution integrates multiple-network elements in different networks to simplify the networking and help operators reduce OPEX.

    The solution promotes service innovation and accelerates the speed of new service releases. The converged services can enhance the user experience and improve user satisfaction.

    The unified mobility solutions is cloud architecture, and hardware and software are decoupled. The solution can be deployed to the operator's private cloud, or public cloud. It has flexibility to adapt to the needs of operators.