NFV System Integration Solution

  • With telecom network gradually developing from hardware & software integration to hardware & software decoupling, virtualization, resource pooling and cloudification, the operators are facing many challenges from multi-vendor management, procedure coordination, vertical interconnection and so on. How to establish a virtual network in an effective and agile way is an urgent issue for the operators in current network evolution.
  • ZTE NFV system integration solution selects various technologies and products with communication industry's complete and E2E products lines and integration solution according to the customer's problems and challenges in network virtualization establishment. By taking the lead in coordination and integration of sub-systems of vendors, and integrating them as a complete, reliable and effective virtual network, it enables coordination of them so as to produce overall benefit and realize optimal performance.

    Highlights of plan & customer value

    • Flexibly customized integration verification: ZTE NFV OpenLab makes cross verification plan and verification scheme for NFVI layer, VIM layer, VNF layer, VNFM and NFVO together with main-stream NFV technology partners in the industry. It detects the compatibility problems of vendors' products in advance and solves them in time, and accumulates abundant IoT experiences. Meanwhile, it supports analysis and verification particularly as required by the operators, so as to guarantee fast and stable launching of a solution while decrease the commercial risks of the system.
    • Accelerate service launching: By pre-integration verification on NFV solution in advance based on NFV OpenLab, new requirements and services of the operators can be launched with quickest speed, so as to seize the immediate market opportunities the first time.
    • Open ecosystem: Based on NFV layered architecture, ZTE establishes NFV commercial ecosystem together with main-stream technology partners in the industry on each layer, and performs technology cooperation and innovation as well as united planning & verification of product integration solution with the mentality and principle of open and open source.
    • Abundant integration toolkits improving deployment efficiency: Provides toolkits such as automatic deployment tool and performance evaluation tool, which help complete the automatic deployment quickly and improve the delivery efficiency.
    • Carrier-class reliability: Based on NFV layered architecture, ZTE NFV system integration solution employs high reliable architecture design on each layer. By adopting disaster tolerance mechanism in multi-geographic regions in NFVI resource pool and HA mechanism on VIM management layer, re-designing software architecture with lightweight stateless logic on VNF layer, and combining software and hardware to realize performance acceleration, ZTE NFV system integration solution enables NFV new cloud network to still feature with high reliability of legacy telecom devices.