Cloud CS Solution

  • With the introduction of NFV/SDN technology, ZTE products of the mobile soft switching core network have introduced the mature NFV/SDN solutions, with the industry's first virtualized CS commercial project to help operators towards the cloud network architecture.
  • ZTE products of the mobile soft switching core network, including ZXUN iCX and ZXUN iMG, realize all service functions in circuit domain.

    ZXUN iCX is an important control network element (NE), and ZXUN iMG is a media gateway.

    ZTE products of the mobile soft switching core network support GSM/UMTS/TD-SCDMA access and interoperability with other 2G/3G/NGN /PSTN.

    And ZTE CS products has the evolution to IMS, helping operators to build the stable and reliable "green" mobile communication network with low TCO.

    Benefits of Cloud CS solution:

    1. Carrier-class NFV, stable and reliable
    ●NFV solutions for control plane and user plane
    ●Component-based open architecture, easy integration, simple O&M
    ●Software/hardware decoupling, saving power consumption and floor space, lower TCO
    ●Carrier level reliability 99.999%

    2. Overall network security guarantee
    ●360° load monitoring: system resources, number of users, traffic, network bandwidth, and so on
    ●Overload control: quick response to burst load spikes, protect NE operation safety
    ●Flexible adaptation: automatically scale-in/out based on the load changes

    3. Smooth evolution to cloud, and inherit the exiting service function
    ●Compatible TDM solutions: cloud CS and ETCA MGW (TDM-IP gateway function) combined to perfectly solve the TDM access problem in NFV network
    ●Fully use the existing equipment to protect investment: cloud CS NEs and the traditional CS NEs has achieved functional alignment, and can achieve hybrid networking with unified EMS management
    ●Disaster recovery smooth upgrade: 1+1 main/standby disaster recovery backup methods in traditional CS can be smooth upgraded to N+M disaster recovery backup methods in NFV network without effecting service