Backup Solution

  • Today, enterprises are becoming more and more dependent on information, Information has become the source of enterprise life. The trend of intelligent and biased development in the world has kept the data of enterprises growing exponentially. As for information management department, how to improve storage utilization, how to operate simply and how to recover data quickly is an urgent problem.
  • ZTE data center backup solutions from a variety of operating systems, databases, files to the virtual machine backup, from branches to multi data centers, we provide different networking architectures and products, Solve the problems of complex environment、all kinds of applications and difficult operation and so on.

    Customer Value    
    ●Greatly simplify management and operation difficulty, reduce operation and maintenance cost.Centralized management, all-in-one-web management, effective for easy operation and management.
    ●Comprehensive protection of all types of applications, support the future development needs of customers.
    ●Zero data loss protection and remote disaster recovery scheme to ensure customer data security.