5G E2E Voice Solution

  • ZTE 5G voice solution is designed based on ZTE's full-convergent Common Core. By virtue of unified access control of IMS, it supports the access of 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi for various types of UEs and implements fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Therefore, it ensures service continuity and delivers more excellent user experience. It also improves the O&M efficiency by using an integrated, closed-loop and intelligent O&M mechanism.
  • In June, 2018, 3GPP announced that the standard architecture and functions of standalone (SA) 5G have been frozen. 5G will firstly be commercially deployed in 2019 to bring a new service experience. ZTE 5G voice solution delivers diversified voice services for UEs with 3GPP and non-3GPP access, based on full-convergence Common Core access and unified control under IMS. During different phases of 5G deployment, operators may provide voice service by different technique, such as VoNR, EPS Fallback, RAT Fallback, and 5G SRVCC.


    Voice and data services are transferred via NR. Voice can be smoothly handed over between 4G and 5G edge, and between 4G edge and 3G CS.

    EPS Fallback

    A 5G UE implements its data service on the 5G network while falls back to the LTE during the voice service establishment. After the voice service is done, the UE moves back to the 5G.

    RAT Fallback

    A 5G UE implements its data service on the 5G network while falls back to the eLTE (controlled by the 5GC) during the voice service establishment. After the voice session is terminated, the UE moves back to the 5G.

    5G SRVCC (R16)

    A 5G UE camps on the 5G NR. It can fall back to the 3G network by using 5G SRVCC or handover to the UTRAN CS to establish a voice call.

    Customer Value
    • Improves customer satisfaction with HD voice and seamless roaming

      Seamless handover between 4G and 5G, support for EVS HD voice, H.265 HD video, and rich RCS service, enabling users to enjoy both high-speed 5G data service and rich call service
    • Cloudification transformation to enhance performance

      Service-based transformation enhances network convergence, energy saving and consumption reduction. The solution includes cloudified core network, unified service control for convergent 4G/5G networks; on-demand dynamic deployment creation and on-demand automatic and flexible scaling.
    • Proactive O&M to improve network reliability

      Centered on proactive O&M, correlative analysis, and expert system solidification, ZTE creatively introduces a multi-dimensional intelligent voice perception analysis solution to provide low-cost and E2E evaluation for all calls, thus efficiently handling the problems of user voice perception evaluation and improvement.
    • Smooth evolution and spectrum efficiency improvement

      Supports smooth evolution to implement voice service in PS and improves the spectrum efficiency. It can promote the re-farming of CS spectrum to enable more quality spectrum on new emerging 5G innovative services.

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