eVoLTE Solution

  • ZTE eVoLTE solution is an end-to-end total solution, which not only has the same features with the common VoLTE solution but also has the following “4E” advantages.
  • ● E2E optimization-awareness KQIs to improve user experience

    ● Enriched services for customers to enhance a carrier’s competitiveness

    ● E2E O&M tools based on big data to simplify O&M and improve efficiency

    ● Evolution to the future network by virtualization of all NEs

    ZTE eVoLTE solution is the most complete cloudification solution for CN portfolio in the industry.

    ● With advanced cloud-based architecture, it accomplishes low-cost innovation by leveraging modularization and micro-services

    ● Implements virtualization for both control plane and media plane, and supports multi-tenancy deployment mode

    ● Shorten new service deployment process from months to days, meeting the requirement of fast service launch

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