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Supreme Experience

ZTE cloud management adopt a customer-centric business mode and introduce the DevOps agility process to accelerate new services innovation, the products optimize the operation process and make decisions based on the big data analysis and prediction capability.
ZTE provides carriers with high-quality solutions in the aspects of fulfillment, assurance, and service capabilities, and help carriers to complete the transformation. This solution also includes the building agile operation process and digital services platforms, which bring the extreme experience of digital services to customers.

Supreme Experience

CUPS to Promote User Experiences

In the existing network, the gateway (GW) is deployed in a centralized manner, media plane data is usually transmitted a long distance and forwarding delay is large, so user experience is not good. In response to this problem, ZTE proposed a C / U separation (CUPS) solution.

5G E2E Voice Solution

ZTE 5G voice solution is designed based on ZTE's full-convergent Common Core. By virtue of unified access control of IMS, it supports the access of 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi for various types of UEs and implements fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Therefore, it ensures service continuity and delivers more excellent user experience. It also improves the O&M efficiency by using an integrated, closed-loop and intelligent O&M mechanism.

5G Messaging Solution

ZTE 5G Messaging solution, which fully complies to 3GPP & GSMA specification, provides a whole set of messaging services oriented to 5G network and terminals, including 5G SMS, 5G Rich Communication Service , and 5G M-IoT Message:

SmartNIC Acceleration Solution for User Plane

Scenarios such as HD video, VR / AR, industrial control, and autonomous driving have put forward requirements for the network with ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth. These emerging services show the characteristics of intensive computing, intensive communication, and intensive I/O. The demand for computing power has grown exponentially, which is higher than the CPU performance growth trend defined by Moore's Law. In high-concurrency scenarios such as intensive computing, it is difficult for the CPU to take advantage of its architectural advantages. Therefore, acceleration technology needs to be introduced to bridge the gap between service requirements and system capabilities.

eVoLTE Solution

ZTE eVoLTE solution is an end-to-end total solution, which not only has the same features with the common VoLTE solution but also has the following “4E” advantages.

VoWiFi Solution

ZTE VoWiFi solution adopts standard 3GPP VoWiFi architecture and supports seamless handover with VoLTE to solve the problem of poor signal receiving due to insufficient indoor 4G coverage.

ZTE Smart Service Chain Solution

With rapid development of mobile Internet and the increasing revenue proportion of data services, the focus of operators has begun to shift from voice value-added service to data network value-added service. The ZTE SSC solution provides end users with data network value-added services to help operators increase ARPU.

TAS+ Voice Value-Added Solution

The ZTE TAS+ solution provides enterprises, families and individuals with value-added services based on basic voice and multimedia. It supports many mainstream protocols and provides rich service applications for all mobile/fixed network users, enhancing user experience and helping operators improve ARPU.

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