5G NFVI Network Solution

  • Introduction to 5G NFVI Network Solution

    The ZTE 5G NFVI Network Solution uses SDN as the major technology to construct the cloud-based data center, transmitting the telecom services based on virtualization and cloud computing. The entire network adopts the SDN Overlay solution. The cloud platform and orchestrator enables automatic service scheduling and orchestration and the SDN controller allows automatic network configuration. The network supports inter-NE communication, O&M and network security protection as well as integrated of access of fixed and mobile services.

    Highlights and Values of 5G NFVI Network Solution

    1. Automatic Deployment of Networks and Services

    • ●  Support zero-configuration automatic device access and Intent-based automatic network connection for fast network deployment
    • ● Support such O&M means as configuration check, path detection and radar scanning to improve O&M efficiency

    2.All-round Carrier-Class Features

    • ● The router gateway supports millions of routes and thousands of BFD, meeting the communication requirements of telecom NEs
    • ● The SDN gateway is deployed in the dual-active mode, and the NE version is upgraded without service awareness, satisfying the demands of high-continuity 5G services
    • ● Physical isolation of networks and multi-level security defense ensure security requirements for 5G services

    3.Open Network Architecture

    • ● Fully support IPv6 and efficiently handle 5G services and IoT applications
    • ● Enable hybrid networking of bare metals, virtualized servers, and containers, improving network flexibility
    • ● Allow decoupling and integrate the experiences of multi-vendor cloud platforms and firewalls to build open networks