Intelligent IP Network Solution(For Chinese Market)

  • With the rapid development of 5G, big video and cloud computing services, the network is evolving towards cloudification & smart connection. At the same time, new services pose completely new challenges to carriers: AR/VR extrasensory experience brings the need for huge network bandwidth; extremely smooth cloud games bring the need for ultra-low latency; constantly emerging new 5G services bring the need for fast service provisioning and fast iteration. These needs require the IP transport networks have eight core capabilities: unified transport, network and service isolation, flexible scalability, ultra-large bandwidth, high availability, SLA assurance, automation and intelligence. Among them, ultra-broadband is the cornerstone and intelligence & simplicity are the key capabilities.

    Solution Overview

    Based on deep understanding of future network features, ZTE’s intelligent IP solution empowers the network with intelligence and implements smart network connections with ultra-broadband and simplified network capabilities, to build intelligent IP networks that can dynamically provide ultimate experience for users.

    • ● Ultra-broadband: Ultra-large-capacity high-scalability routers and E2E 400GE solution, to build the core engine of ultra-broadband networks
    • ● Simplicity: Simplified architecture, protocol and management & control, to build efficient IP transport networks
    • ● Intelligence: Intelligent mangement & control layer, service layer and network layer, to fully release the values of ultra-broadband and simplified networks

    Solution Highlights

    Ultra-Broadband: Cornerstone of IP Network

    ZTE’s router products cover all scenarios from the access to core. The flagship products ZXR10 T8000 and M6000-S, targeting at the IP backbone network and the metro area network (MAN). 

    The ZXR10 T8000 core router provides 400GE port interconnection and supports commercialization of 2+N cluster. It allows tens of millions of users to watch 4K high-definition video simultaneously and meets the capacity expansion requirement of the core layer of IP backbone network in the next ten years.

    The ZXR10 M6000-S intelligent full-service router provides high-density 100GE~400GE ultra-broadband connections and supports long-term evolution. Targeting at the multi-service edge of IP backbone network/MAN, it can work as the high-performance forwarding plane of vBRAS, and evolve towards the next-generation cloud-based IP backbone network/MAN.

    Simplicity: Triple Simplicity for Efficient Transport

    • ● Simplified architecture: ZTE’s intelligent IP network solution decouples the basic network and services. The basic network achieves deep integration of cloud and network, and the services support plug and play, helping carriers to evolve towards simplified cloud-network synergy architecture
    • ● Simplified protocol: New technology systems in the 5G cloudification era are gradually evolving to simplified protocols such as SR+EVPN, SRv6 and BIER multicast to simplify the protocol control plane and improve O&M efficiency
    • ● Simplified management & control: The management & control integrated system provides the following functionalities: precise fault location, reducing the fault location time by 85%, aided data analysis, cutting the analysis time by 40%, simplified information maintenance, reducing the amount of information by 50% and one-click service provisioning, helping carriers to improve O&M efficiency and cut O&M costs

    Intelligence: Three-Layer Intelligence to Release Network Values

    • ● Intelligent management & control layer: The network automation system implements automatic orchestration based on all-scenario, multi-vendor and multi-domain orchestration capability, deep network visualization based on deep analysis and multi-dimensional visualization of AI+BigDNA, real-time network perception based on proactive learning and sub-second sampling of AI+Telemetry, and intelligent fault location and predictive O&M based on AI+Big Data, to help carriers implement fast service deployment and intelligent network O&M
    • ● Intelligent service layer: Automatic end-to-end service provisioning supports agile creation of service links, minute-level service provisioning, full life cycle management and automatic, elastic scale-in/scale-out on demand
    • ● Intelligent network layer: SR/SRv6/BIER technologies provide flexible network programming; SR-TE/Slice+/TSN+ technologies enable differentiated network slicing; intelligent traffic tuning improves the link resource utilization rate by 50%

    Market Achievements

    Elevated Market Position

    According to the report of Omdia in 2019, ZTE’s market share ranked No.4 in the Core IP/MPLS market, and ZTE’s market share growth rate ranked No.1 in the Edge IP/MPLS market.

    World-Wide Deployment

    ZTE has carried out extensive cooperation with global carriers. ZTE’s high-end routers headed by ZXR10 T8000 and M6000-S have successfully entered the markets of world-renowned carriers including Telefonica, Telenor, Ooredoo, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom and were highly recognized.