ZTE 5G Flexhaul Solution

  • ZTE 5G Flexhaul is a flexible end-to-end solution. It is an excellent combination of EVPN, Segment Routing, FlexE, Network slicing, Network automation, high-precision time synchronization, SDN and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • ZTE 5G Flexhaul provides ultra-large and expansible bandwidth, enables low latency & high reliability service transport, supports extremely simple networks and ubiquitous connections, and maximizes network values. Together with E2E elastic slicing capabilities, it meets massive demanding requirements of different 5G application scenarios and 5G service deployment.  


    For 5G commercialization, transport network goes first. 5G is a converged network oriented to three major 5G service scenarios: eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC. Compared with 4G, 5G brings a revolutionary network experience and a new business application model as well as unlimited possibilities for operators' future service expansion, and poses a new challenge for service transport quality. The ZTE 5G Flexhaul solution has the minimalistic architecture based on SDN + EVPN over SR over FlexE, meets differentiated demands of different 5G scenarios and can address the challenges of 5G service performance.


    Large bandwidth

    • ● High speed interface 100GE in access layer and 400GE in aggregation and core layer
    • ● FlexE flexible bandwidth expansion on demand
    • ● Green energy saving

    Low latency and high reliability

    • ● The industry's first E2E Slicing Channel-XC solution
    • ● The hierarchical protection mechanisms fully ensure 5G reliability requirements

    Simplified network and ubiquitous connection

    • ● SR Policy meets the requirements of differentiated 5G service deployment
    • ● The EVPN over SR Policy solution simplifies network protocols and facilitates network deployment
    • ● SRv6 technology realizes the seamless network evolution

    High-precision time synchronization

    • ● Innovative embedded time source enables flexible deployment and high reliability
    • ● <±5ns synchronization precision per device

    E2E flexible slicing

    • ● Support E2E slicing in wireless, transport and core networks for the first time in the industry
    • ● Propose the Slice+ network slicing solution to allow dynamic slice configuration, network resources, flexible orchestration of network functions, and hard isolation of slices

    Network automation

    • ● Provide the industry's first cloud native architecture, support open API and make networks programmable and services customizable
    • ● The intent-based drive engine automatically converts user intents into network behaviors and deploys them
    • ● The AI-based network insight supports intelligent automation

    Global commercialization

    The 5G end-to-end transport products have been deployed in large scale. By the end of May 2020, more than 60,000 sets have been shipped. In cooperation with global operators, more than 40 5G pre-commercial and commercial transport application cases have been completed.


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