IP+Optical Synergy Based vPIPE Solution

  • Today, service cloudification urges for an urgent reform of the transport network architecture. ZTE unveils the SDN-based IP+Optical solution with highly efficient resource utilization rate, fast service deployment, extremely simple network O&M and reliable synergic protection to help operators write history in this new cloud era.
  • Overview

    The booming new services such as cloud computing, VR and Internet of Things (IoT) make traffic running on operators’ network increase dramatically. Also, event-driven traffic model featuring abruptness needs the network architecture capable of implementing network adjustment and responding quickly to changing services. As a result, global operators in face of an imminent network architecture revolution are willing to re-architecting their networks via new technologies like SDN/NFV as soon as possible. To take up the challenge, ZTE releases the SDN-based “IP+Optical” synergy solution through which a brand-new network transport theory can be employed to allow more efficient resource utilization and make the network flexibly adaptive to diversified services. 

    Core Principles

    • ● Pipe resource pooling: Enhanced pipe resource utilization.
    • ● Decoupled connections and resources: Changing service development, network maintenance and fault recovery modes.
    • ● SDN-based architecture: Hierarchical SDN controllers to enable unified scheduling of transport network resource pools.

    Value Promotion

    Resource pooling and maximized cost benefit

    Pipe resource pooling adjusts pipe resources dynamically as per specific traffic, which improves network resource utilization from 20-30% to 60-80% while reducing CAPEX.

    Elastic resources and cloudified dynamic network adjustment

    As a resource pool, the transport network allows for on-demand resource supply. Service-based elastic network bandwidth meets the service development requirement in the age of cloud.

    Visible resources and quantitative investment

    Being an integrated and quantitative resource pool, the transport network is designed with vivid and clear resource statistics. As per changing demands for the resources and tendency analysis, quantitative investment can be implemented to further reduce CAPEX.

    Synergic protection and strengthened networks

    vPIPE shares redundant resources. All the resources for failure recovery can be shared as per specific demands. 
    End-to-end 1+1 backup enables highly reliable services. The active and standby paths deployed with different SRLGs are  completely separated from each other.

    Extremely simple O&M and improved efficiency

    One-touch service provisioning ,arbitrary topology composed through APP and service transport from L0 to L3 via “zero configuration” shorten the time for  service to  2 minutes. 
    A multi-layer topology view enables end-to-end failure locating  in 1 second. Resource recovery through zero configuration won’t affect the  running services at all.

    Optimized networks and shortened latency

    SDN-based architecture and hierarchical SDN controllers are employed to plan and schedule resources on both IP and optical networks uniformly. The best path on the IP+Optical architecture can be provided.
    Cross-layer network resource synergy optimizes network tiers, decreases network hops and shortens latency. Optical bypass can be provided if necessary to satisfy  tough latency demands of the services such as the 5G.

    World's 1st Commercial Case

    Help velcom build future-oriented networks.

    Senior Director for Technology of velcom 
    “We would like to confirm that FLLC ZTE is our reliable business partner and express the appreciation for the implementation work of the IP+Optics project in the Republic of Belarus.”


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