ZTE vDC Network Solution

  • Efficient, intelligent, secure, and open. ZTE vDC Network solution leads the cloud era.
  • Trends and Challenges

    Traditional DC: Low resource utilization rate, complicated O&M, poor network expandability and long service deployment period.

    Traditional telecom network: Traditional telecom services need to be virtualized, including computing/storage/network virtualization to reduce costs. Operators need to improve service deployment, management and maintenance efficiency, and make networks more open.

    ZTE vDC Network Solution

    The ZTE vDC network solution uses the ZENIC vDC controller, ZXR10 M6000 router, ZXR10 9900/5960 series data center (DC) switches, ZXR10 V6000 virtualized router, DVS virtualized switch, and L4-L7 devices as the core components to build single-DC and multi-DC networks, providing customers with intelligent, open, and secure cloudified DC networks.

    Customer Values

    • ● Fast network construction: the system integration time can be reduced from months to weeks.
    • ● Automatic tenant service deployment: the service provisioning time can be reduced from weeks to hours.
    • ● Simplified O&M: the fault location time can be reduced from hours to minutes.

    Highlights and Advantages

    Ultra-large-scale networking 

    The controller cluster supports 2K-8K VTEP to provide ultra-large DC capabilities.

    Open network architecture

    Fully open network architecture enables decoupling of different layers and  make them compatible with third-party vendor's devices. 

    Automatic service deployment

    Automatic deployment of all network devices and virtual machine migration policy following enable fast service deployment and innovation.

    Intelligent O&M

    End-to-end fault detection and precise QoS detection effectively reduce network maintenance costs.

    Success Stories

    The ZTE vDC solution has been successfully used in 30+ commercial/trial projects. ZTE has been widely cooperating with global operators to make network evolution and innovation.


    Fully automatic SDN-based NFVI supports network evolution to cloudification.

    High availability features of NFV guarantee non-blocking service  operation.

    China Mobile Hohhot private cloud—China's largest SDN hybrid deployment private cloud
    Hybrid deployment of 4000+ servers meets the requirements of ultra-large-scale networks. 
    Unified management and control of virtual machines and bare metals implement wholly cloudified networking.

    China Telecom cloud resource pool project—pure software solution makes it the first of its kind
    Pure software networking reduces network investment costs.
    It integrates multi-vendor computing resource pools and is compatible with existing network cloud management platforms to reduce network transformation costs.

    Product Introduction

    ZENIC vDC controller

    ZXR10 M6000-S router

    ZXR10 9900 series switches

    ZXR10 5960 series switches

    ZXR10 V6000 vRouter


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