Transport Network Automation Solution

  • In the 5G network era, the next-generation transport network automation solution proposed on the basis of industry-leading technologies and IBN theories employs Cloud Native architecture to allow customers to enjoy more flexible, efficient, opened and qualified network O&M services.
  • Challenges and Requirements of 5G

    The “customer-centric” 5G network era is doomed to accelerate digital transformation of many industries, so 5G networks need to provide flexible, efficient, open and high-quality management, services and operation for customers.

    The factors driving 5G network automation include: 
    • ● Requirements for fast new service provisioning, and increasing customized services and applications
    • ● Requirements raised by diversified business models that cover voice, mobile phone, SMS, 5G, video, IoT and cloud services for the 5G slicing technology so as to satisfy differentiated application scenarios
    • ● Requirements for simplified O&M and reduced costs so as to cope with explosive network traffic growth, complicated architecture and diversified devices
    The 5G network era also poses a higher automation goal. It employs intent-based closed loop network architecture to build networks with superior agility and feasibility.

    Intent-Based Networks (IBN) Bring-in Brand-New Network Automation

    Based on technologies emerging to cope with the 5G era and telecom cloud development, ZTE with deep understanding of general IBN theories uses the Cloud Native operating system to build its own IBNs. It builds intent-based closed loop network architecture and provides the next-generation network automation solution.

    In addition to facilitate the network management via intelligent engines, the solution also employs the AI deep learning technology and big data mining to allow automated design, configuration, change and O&M when the network lifecycle management is performed. By turning a network to a system that is capable of automatic control and operation, the solution completely meets the automation demands in the 5G era.

    By employing the intent-driven engine, automation control engine and network cognitive engine, the solution shows the customer a closed-loop automation system.

    Open Capabilities of Cloud Native Architecture

    The solution provides the industry with broadest Cloud Native architecture. The bottom layer is capable of elastic scaling according to physical resources or virtual resources. Full series of intelligent O&M applications are provided based on microservice technologies. In addition to comply with DevOps models, the solution also makes new applications easy to deploy and deliver. 
    Open APIs are used to help the customer build a  vertical industry-based ecosystem. The APP store today is getting more and more complete.

    Intent-Driven Network Engine

    The intent-driven network engine identifies commercial intents by natural languages or models. It converts the intents to precise network languages or actions, supports continuous network verification and provides effective optimization. It means to guarantee high feasibility and sustainability of the IBN.

    Intelligent Automation

    SDN is employed to put user intents into application automatically. The patent Intelligent TE algorithm is used to implement in-batch service provisioning, remove congestion and help with global optimization. All the deployment ensures the maximum use and improvement and network resources, which effectively allows deployment and optimization of 5G E2E network slicing and customer services.


    Deep Cooperation Rapidly Elevates ZTE Market Position

    ZTE has extended deep cooperation with global operators. With innovative SDN control and AI-based network management features, ZTE's network automation products applied in the solution not only have participated in massive tests organized by world-famous operators, for instance, Telefonica and Vodafone, but also have been put into commercial use by many world-renowned operators such as Velcom, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. So far, the solution and related products are extensively approved by global operators.


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