Elastic SD-WAN Solution

  • ZTE relies on its advanced technology and combines its product features to propose an Elastic SD-WAN solution for enterprise branch interconnection to save user network costs and increase the flexibility of the network.
  • Overview

    The ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution not only provides a secure interconnection channel and application QoS guarantees, but also uses the virtualization technology to form an organic unity of local value-added services, network value-added services and cloud services, enhancing the user experience. It provides a multi-link/multi-cloud/multi-tenant flexible deployment while building an SDN based virtual value-added application ecosystem to provide customers with a rich, convenient and secure SaaS and ITaaS experience, helping customers focus on service innovation and digital transformation.


    Multi-cloud and multi-network interconnection

    At present, public and private clouds are booming. The interconnection of enterprise WAN networks is no longer limited to branch interconnection, but also requires interconnection between branches, private clouds and public clouds. The ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution provides a complete interconnection solution with multiple branch types, and supports multi-uplink redundancy, not only for wired lines, but also for LTE. By deploying a gateway in the cloud,  SD-WAN interconnections between enterprises, public clouds and private clouds are achieved.

    Service provisioning in minutes

    ZTE CPE supports zero touch provisioning, eliminating cumbersome configuration and shortening the online time. ZTE also provides the centralized management system to allow centralized network management and control, simplify network planning and service deployment, and deliver services in minutes. The centralized management and control also simplify the difficulties of service maintenance and software upgrade.

    Traffic assurance for key applications
    The ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution provides a professional application library, and users can also customize applications on demand. Based on the application library, users can implement  functions such as QoS guarantee, bandwidth limitation and dynamic link selection, assuring key service traffic in real time.

    End-to-end security

    The ZTE SD-WAN solution provides an end-to-end security solution to branch interconnection link and enterprise intranet security. An encrypted tunnel is used for the branch interconnection to ensure the privacy of enterprise services. A professional NGFW is used for the enterprise intranet security to provides a full range of protection.

    Open operation platform

    ZTE has been committed to building a solution ecosystem, and has cooperated extensively with many companies and organizations to provide an open platform and introduce third-party virtual value-added applications, making enterprise networks modular and simple and taking the leading position in the SD-WAN field.

    Market Reputation and Applications

    The well-known research institute IHS Markit releases the "Data Center Network Equipment Market Tracking Analysis Report for the First Quarter of 2018". The report shows that the SD-WAN market grows rapidly. In the first quarter of 2018, the global market revenue was 162 million dollars, and the growth rate is 12%. ZTE's performance is eye-catching. Its SD-WAN market growth rate reached 53%, indicating that the ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution has been highly approved by the market.

    The ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution runs well in different cloud environments such as public clouds, telecom clouds and self-built clouds. The control-layer framework has a high degree of standardization and decoupling. It adopts the micro-service mode to reduce the control-layer technical requirements and investment ratio of the overall solution, greatly lowering the enterprise cloud threshold and quickly deploying services at low cost.


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