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Optical Network

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An end-to-end optical transport network with ultra-broadband, elasticity and ecosystem

Beyond 400G White Paper

Over the years, ZTE has been committed to the research of B100G technologies such as 400G, 600G, 800G and B1T and the R&D and application of product solutions. Based on the research and development of cutting-edge B100G high-speed signal transmission technologies, ZTE has tackled several key technologies in this field, and has published related research results OFC, ECOC and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This white paper describes ZTE’s views on ultra-high-speed optical transmission.

Intelligent E-OTN 2.0 Solution White Paper

ZTE intelligent E-OTN 2.0 solution, as the connection ties between DCs, access and core networks, builds a DC-centric all-optical network for unified transport of fixed broadband, wireless broadband and enterprise private line services. The network features large bandwidth, low latency, flexible scheduling and intelligent operation and maintenance. Its core highlights including “New Algorithm” for extreme speed and distance, “New Platform” for flexible and efficient service transport and scheduling, and "New intelligence" for accelerated service deployment fully meet the high-quality connection requirements of various vertical industries in the 5G era.