Hybrid Fiber&Copper Solution

  • Big video has been driving FBB to speed up towards 100M+, 1G or even 1G+, meanwhile operators are increasingly paying more attention to the TCO, TTM and sustainability of the emerging solutions that enable faster access.
    ZTE’s hybrid fiber&copper solution reuses the existing infrastructure to lower TCO, simplify deployment to shorten TTM, and provide a sustainable and future-proof solution supporting smooth migration from copper-only access to a fiber-only access platform.
  • Solution advantages:

    10GE-level fiber access to deliver high-speed surfing
    Based on a powerful system architecture, ZTE hybrid fiber&copper system supports various fiber access technologies like GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and 10GE. 
    ZTE Combo PON solution integrates GPON, 10G-PON and WDM1r into one port to greatly save space and reduce deployment costs.

    High-speed copper access to cut CAPEX, shorten TTM and provide FTTH-like bandwidth
    ZTE hybrid fiber&copper platform supports various high-speed copper accesses, like VDSL2 17a Vectoring, 35b Vectoring and G.fast. 
    By reusing copper infrastructure, the system saves CAPEX and provides FTTH-like bandwidth to end users.

    Smooth migration from copper-only to fiber-only platform to protect investment

    Thanks to the powerful architecture design, ZTE hybrid fiber&copper platform can be smoothly migrated from a copper-only platform to a hybrid fiber&copper platform and even a fiber-only platform just by replacing line cards.

    Comprehensive inheritance of legacy services to retain the traditional users

    Considering using habit, reliability and security, the legacy narrow-band services should be inherited in the new access platform. ZTE hybrid fiber&copper platform comprehensively inherits legacy services like POTS, ISDN BRI/PRI, FAX, FXO analogue trunk, E1 leased line, V5.2 and V5UA.


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