G.fast Solution

  • The copper-based G.fast technology can reuse the huge amount of copper cable resources deployed in existing networks to offer FTTH-like bandwidth within certain copper loop lengths.

  • Solution advantages:

    First released 2G Bandwidth
    ZTE G.fast equipment the industry's first G.fast 212MHz DPU. It provides access bandwidth of approximately 2G, and helps the operators build best-of-breed high-bandwidth networks at a minimal cost to speed up the broadband network and to shorten the TTM

    Industry's first AC + RPF
    ZTE G.fast equipment can support local AC and RPF (Reverse Power Feeding) and complies with RPF SR2, and provides the industry's first AC+RPF power supply to help the operators construct their networks efficiently and provision new services timely.

    One MAC, 6 uplink modes and Industry's first DSL Bonding uplink
    Through changing the uplink SFP module, the DPU can be smoothly migrated from GE and GPON to 10GE and XG(S)-PON. The G.fast equipment provides DSL Bonding uplink, and reuses existing copper cable resources to offer 1000M uplink bandwidth to the buildings where the fibers are unavailable, enabling the users in the buildings to obtain G.fast services and it had been deployed in NetCologne, German.


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