Fixed Access

Copper Access

Copper Access

Hybrid Fiber&Copper Solution

Big video has been driving FBB to speed up towards 100M+, 1G or even 1G+, meanwhile operators are increasingly paying more attention to the TCO, TTM and sustainability of the emerging solutions that enable faster access. ZTE’s hybrid fiber&copper solution reuses the existing infrastructure to lower TCO, simplify deployment to shorten TTM, and provide a sustainable and future-proof solution supporting smooth migration from copper-only access to a fiber-only access platform.

FTTx on-demand Solution

ZTE FTTx on-demand solution is mainly based on hybrid optical and copper platform products which support comprehensive broadband and narrow-band service access. With years of enriched experience and technology expertise in the copper and fiber access sector, ZTE has organically combined the copper and fiber access technologies into FTTx on-demand solution, by introducing VDSL2 vectoring, 35b vectoring,, GPON, 10G PON etc. ever-developed technologies to shorten the time to market (TTM) and cut the CAPEX. Solution

The copper-based technology can reuse the huge amount of copper cable resources deployed in existing networks to offer FTTH-like bandwidth within certain copper loop lengths.

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