eMonitor Solution

  • ZTE eMonitor Solution is a dedicated platform that monitors fiber networks in real-time and pinpoints fiber faults efficiently. ZTE eMonitor Solution consists of EMS and eOMU. The former implements test fiber data collection and analysis, test control, health database storage and comparison, GIS information query, and fiber port information query. The latter consists of an OTDR module, an OSW and couplers for fiber network monitoring.

  • Solution advantages:

    7*24 fiber network monitoring visualizes passive network resources
    Integrating an OTDR, an OSW and couplers, ZTE eMonitor Solution works with the EMS to monitor fiber network performance in an uninterrupted, centralized and automatic manner, and visualizes passive optical network resources. 

    Showing fiber network performance through setting up a health database and comparing live fiber performance
    Traditional outside line performance is measured by OTDRs, and the test data is stored in each OTDR meter respectively, which results in low data utilization rate and timely fault positioning is unable to be ensured. Through setting up a health database on the EMS, ZTE eMonitor Solution supports health data storage, query and comparison, making passive fiber resources orderly and manageable, and providing reliable basis for fault positioning. 

    Fault location in 10 seconds with accuracy within 3 meters
    ZTE eMonitor Solution combines the traditional OTDR and the health database to fast determine faults on trunk, branch or lead-in section with test accuracy within 3 meters; thereby minimizing unnecessary work order dispatch and implementing rapid troubleshooting. 

    Directly showing fault points on the GIS map, and shortening the troubleshooting time

    ZTE eMonitor Solution connects with third-party GIS systems via FTP and REST interfaces to implement the mapping between logical positions and physical locations. It displays the physical location of a fault point to guide work order dispatch and shortens the fault recovery time.


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