ZTE All-Scenario and Ultra-Broadband Site Solution

  • ZTE announces all-scenario and ultra-broadband site solution, facilitating high-efficiency network deployment and evolution.

  • For many operators who are facing increased complexity of network deployment and improvement aiming for more scenarios, deeper coverage and better performance, and also hearing the steps of the coming 5G, today is a crucial stage in the post-4G era. It is therefore a big challenge to all the 4G operators to choose the best possible 4G network solutions for both efficiency, cost, and capability of quick and smooth evolution to 5G.
    The all-scenario and ultra-broadband site solution of ZTE is an answer to the challenge, which can not only help operators improve 4G network coverage and capacity, but help them get ready for the 5G era.

    Various Scenarios



    Neat Macro Solution

    Neat Macro focuses on the fundamental macro coverage scenario with the industry-leading macro UBR products, which can reduce the number of required radio units and antennas, achieve “single antenna for all 4G” site design which is to use one multi-band and multi-port antenna to enable site deployment for all 2G, 3G and 4G, and reserve precious antenna space for 5G deployment in future.


    Neat Street Solution

    Neat Street aims at those streets that are always high on business traffic which means a lot of people and a lot of network traffic. The solution incorporates all-in-one and high-power compact iMacro products, offering high performance, small footprint and great flexibility in deployment methods, and can facilitate dual-band network deployment for these high-traffic street areas with speed, quietness and efficiency.


    Neat Spot Solution

    Neat Spot is for coverage holes such as stadiums and scenic areas, using very compact and all-in-one Pad series, including Pad RRU, Pad BBU, Pad Power and Pad Battery, with small size, light weight and all-weather outdoor deployment capabilities to solve issues of limited site locations, poor power availability and no enough space.


    Neat Ceiling Solution

    Neat Ceiling is set to enhance indoor deep coverage to much better level and to meet very high demands on data and services in high-value and high-traffic areas. Neat Ceiling is based on the innovative QCell product which is as small as a palm but powerful enough to support up to four bands and five RATs. It supports 4×4 MIMO via unit combination and offers up to 1 Gbps indoor user throughput with carrier aggregation and 256 QAM.

     Customer Values

  • A full range of UBR products facilitates high-efficiency network deployment:In 2014, ZTE released the industry’s first innovative ultra-broadband UBR solution which has had big success in massive commercial deployment and been a yardstick for many others in the industry ever since. UBR (Ultra-Broadband Radio) is the ultra-broadband RF technology that integrate a few otherwise discrete and single-band devices into one single RRU. Unlike for conventional site solutions, not only does UBR reduce the number of RRUs and cables of a site by half, to make site deployment much easier, but brings utilization of existing antennas to a brand new level to lower the cost of site deployment and also that of operation afterwards.
    Yet with continuous innovation and the passion for perfection, ZTE has gone from strength to strength and is now offering a UBR series from 2T to 4T, and from low frequencies to high frequencies. Powered with cutting-edge technological know-how, compact design and outstanding performances, these products can help solve some widely encountered issues such as difficult site acquisition, limited antenna space, and never-good-enough network performance. R8894E, for instance, is the first 4T UBR product in the market, offering dual-frequency (1.8G & 2.1G), four-carrier and 4×4 MIMO capabilities with only one four-port antenna; it also offers output power up to 4×80W which can be shared flexibly between the two bands on demand to accommodate high-capacity and high-power network deployment.

  • It offers 5G-ready networking solution to facilitate smooth evolution to 5G:As the drumming of 5G is becoming louder every moment at the doorsteps, only when a 4G site solution addresses both performance and evolution capabilities can we say it is a good solution—ZTE’s all-scenario and ultra-broadband does just that. ZTE’s UBR series is the first in the industry to support 4G & 5G dual mode which requires only software upgrade to support 5G NR, with dynamic power sharing between the two systems, which is a great technology achievement that realize both quick 5G deployment and improve the return on current investment. Meanwhile, ZTE’s Neat Site incorporates a series of dual-band UBR products and combiner-embedded RRU products to achieve single-antenna site deployment for 2G, 3G and 4G. It utilizes the existing multi-band and multi-port antennas to save a lot of precious antenna space and pole resources, to meet future requirements on such resources with 5G AAU deployment over new bands, and to ensure quick deployment when 5G comes.

  •  Success Cases

    ZTE’s UBR solution has been very popular among many operators around the world, and deployed on large scales in countries such as Italy, Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa. The innovative and powerful Qcell is now serving hundreds of millions of users in networks around the world, and has helped ZTE receive many international awards.


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