Rural Pole Solution

  • ZTE Rural Pole solution is an innovative solution deployed in remote areas, while providing wireless coverage, the solution requires less civil work and is easy to be deployed. It has obvious advantages in saving cost and construction period.
  • Three major challenges are faced in remote areas network coverage:

    Firstly, main power and transmission resources are limited.

    Secondly, remote areas are sparsely populated with small voice and data traffic.

    Thirdly, in remote areas, transportation is difficult,  and site security is vital.

    Traditional network coverage solutions have high construction cost and long investment return period. ZTE Rural Pole solution can solve all of the above problems, with rapid deployment, cost saving and site safeguarding.


     Key Technologies


    High Integration, Easy Deployment

    ZTE Rural Pole solution integrates small cell, energy, transmission and supporting equipment together, thus it needs less space and is easier to deploy.


    Wireless Backhaul, Flexible Networking

    Without optical fiber excavation, ZTE Rural Pole solution supports Relay or microwave backhaul. Flexible networking greatly reduces site deployment difficulty in various scenarios.

     Energy Saving and Environment Protection

    ZTE Rural Pole solution uses solar energy for power supply, which is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, effectively reducing CAPEX and OPEX.


    Anti-theft Design, Safe and Reliable

    ZTE Rural Pole solution is designed with special anti-theft structure, security camera can be configured to protect site in real time, avoiding theft and offline complaints, and safeguard assets.

     Customer Values




     Low Cost, High Return

    Integrated design saves engineering cost; energy saving with solar power; wireless transmission reduces CAPEX and OPEX

     Rapid Construction
    Integrated design, less civil work; easy transportation with segment design, reducing construction period

    Assets Safeguarding

    Effective anti-theft structure and remote monitoring, greatly improving site security


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