POL Solution Solution

  • POL is a new type of LAN networking solution based on PON technology. It builds on an FTTx architecture to incorporate different services including data, voice, video and wireless access into one optical network. Moreover, it is technologically optimized to work in application scenarios like enterprise, schools, hotels, apartments and smart campuses.

  • Solution advantages:

    Ultra broadband: One-off deployment to enable continuous upgrades of network capacity
    In a POL network, the central office is linked to the ONUs/MDUs by optical fiber instead of network cable. When a higher bandwidth is required, only the equipment at both ends or its optical modules need to be replaced, while the optical fibers can stay intact. This simplifies the upgrade procedure and reduces the upgrade cost.

    Efficiency: Reduced energy consumption, shrunk equipment footprint, and simplified operation and maintenance
    The POL solution uses point-to-multipoint technology to cut the required equipment room space by around 80%. It can also save up to 60% energy because the PON network uses less telecom equipment and fewer air-conditioners. The POL network has only two active equipment levels: the OLT level and the ONU/MDU level. Compared with a traditional campus solution, the POL solution features a simpler architecture and fewer network levels. This facilitates maintenance and management, reduces failure points, and enhances network reliability. 

    Convergence: All services carried over one fiber
    The ONU/MDU can provide RS232/485 serial ports, POTS ports for traditional telephony, a coaxial port for traditional TV, 100M/1G/10G Ethernet ports, HDMI ports, and Wi-Fi, PoE and other functions. This allows one POL network to carry multiple services, eliminating the need to build different networks to carry different services.

    Security: Multiple security protection mechanisms
    The POL network uses fiber to transmit data, which drastically reduces electromagnetic interference and leakage. Coupled with its support for AES-128 encryption, the POL network avoids the risk of information being intercepted on the physical line. POL equipment supports MAC binding and 802.1x authentication to prevent illegal users from accessing the equipment and network. Because the equipment supports functions including user isolation, broadcast suppression and DDoS protection, an already connected user cannot attack the equipment of other users.


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