Combo PON Solution

  • ZTE’s industry-first Combo PON solution eliminates the troubles and challenges that operators face in traditional GPON to 10G PON(XG-PON/XGS-PON) upgrade solutions. It allows for economical, rapid and on-demand 10G PON deployment in both greenfield and brownfield.

  • Solution advantages:

    Industry's first innovative 3-in-1 design

    Independent dual channels, high bandwidth efficiency. No influence on the GPON and the 10G PON services.

    No extra equipment & accessories

    Replace GPON cards with Combo PON cards. No extra racks and accessories required. Less investment and simplified O&M.

    Less line cards

    Reduce large amounts of line cards against the traditional external WDM1r solution. Simplifies the construction and increases the O&M efficiency.

    Reusing the GPON cards

    Reusing the replaced GPON cards in other sites which saves investment.

    Reduce initial investment for greenfield

    New build Combo PON at the CO, and choose GPON ONUs or 10G PON ONUs as per demand.


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