• ZXMEC is an edge platform product that follows ETSI and 3GPP specifications. Driven by new business requirements of low latency and high bandwidth, especially required by 5G innovation business, it offers operators a service-oriented platform, which directly serves for the diversified industry markets at the edge of mobile networks.Terminals can be connected and basic services such as TCPO, traffic offload and QCell indoor positioning are provided. Simultaneously, based on a virtualization platform and X86 server, ZXMEC supports the 3rd party applications’ deployment and management. Then, ZXMEC can be useful to combine the mobile network and internet together to offer value-added applications to expand operators’ profitability.
    ZXMEC brings the following values:
    1)User experience improvement with lower latency;
    2)Efficient saving of S1 transmission bandwidth;
    3)Providing local-oriented applications;
    4)Building edge intelligent service ecosystem.

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