Cloud Computing and G&E Services


Unified Construction and Cloud-based Service Enable Rail Transit Digital Transformation.


ZTE Urban Rail Transit Cloud Solution

ZTE Urban Rail Transit solution includes the establishment of urban rail cloud data center in 2-level (station, NOCC) construction and 3-level (station, OCC, NOCC) management model, to achieve domain-based management of safe production, internal management, and external service. The cloud data center provides unified O&M of resources, data, applications and security, and works in active-active mode to assure high availability of key services.

ZTE Rail Transit Video Surveillance Solution

ZTE’s rail transit video surveillance solution integrates video front-end resources, wired and wireless transmission networks, IT infrastructure, and video service capability components to build rich basic video capabilities, providing a capability engine for flexible development and deployment of video applications. It is a smart high-definition video surveillance system providing comprehensive surveillance coverage of the rail transit system.

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